Wideman Project Management Website updates announced for September 2014



30 August 2014 – Vancouver, BC, Canada – Max Wideman has announced updates to his popular project management website, http://www.maxwideman.com/. According to Max this month:

140830-pmwl-wideman-IMAGEAuthor Robert Goatham has specialized in the study of failed projects. In Part 1 of his 4 part Guest paper on Lessons in Learning, he introduces his experiences of IT project failures and the need, not just for training, but for the development of the advanced skills required for managing complex projects.

Our Paper on Defining Project Success moves on in Part 2 of 4 to search for real definitions of “project success”. “Scope creep”, along with an interesting analogy, also enter the discussion.

In Musings Max invites one of the participants to recall what he learned from a lengthy but interesting discussion on LinkedIn on the merits of Implementing a Standard Project Management Methodology (Part 1).

If you are looking for answers, guidelines or templates, check out Max’s Issacons – “Issues and Considerations” – that are presented in bullet form for quick and easy reference by project managers.

Have you seen Max’s book A Management Framework for Project, Program and Portfolio Integration? For information or to order a copy, visit http://www.maxwideman.com/papers/framework_book/intro.htm. Do you have a project management question? Find the answer at: http://www.maxwideman.com/.

Max Wideman is one of the world’s best-known project management authorities. An engineer and professional project manager, his experience includes systems, social and environmental projects, as well as design and engineering projects. He is a Fellow of the Project Management Institute, of which he is past president and chairman and for which he led the development of the 1987 version of the Project Management Body of Knowledge. He is also a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), the Engineering Institute of Canada, and the Canadian Society of Civil Engineering. His personal web site at http://www.maxwideman.com/ is a source of superior project management knowledge and information. It is free to the public.