Volume VII, Issue 3 – March 2018

In This Edition

From a Different Angle: Competitive Projects, Winning, Not Losing and… Welcome to the March 2018 PMWJ
By David Pells, Managing Editor

Featured Interview

Interview with Jesus Martinez-Almela, IPMA President
By İpek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Interview with Rich Maltzman, Author, Educator, PMO Leader, Co-founder of EarthPM, LLC
By İpek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Interview with Dr. Ramesh Vahidi, MSc Project Management Programme Leader, Southampton Business School, University of Southampton, UK
By Ömer Berkay Dağlı (UK)

Featured Papers

An Overview of Governmental Rehabilitation Programmes in Nigeria: A Project Management Perspective
By Dr. Felix Osita Ikekpeazu and Dr. Uchenna Ajator (Nigeria)

Artificial Neural Network (ANN) based novel Performance evaluation technique
By Ashwani Kharola, Ravindra Mamgain, Ankit Jain (India)

Notes on increasing project management involvement in senior management activities in production-based organizations
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

Elements of the Mathematical Theory of Human Systems, Part 4: Quantitative interpretation of the victory, defeat and concessions of human systems by the method of state equations
By Dr. Pavel Barseghyan (USA/Armenia)

The Impact of Training and Development on Geosciences Employees
By Christian Azuka Olele (Nigeria)

The Evolution of Programme Management towards Governance of Industry 4.0 Organisations
By Dr. Pieter Steyn and Elzabe Zovitsky (South Africa)

Strategic Innovation Leadership Framework for Sustainable Management of Electricity Distribution Company in Nigeria – Post Privatization
By Habeeb Quadri (Nigeria/USA)

Dispute Mitigation Due to Un-Mature Change Management in Construction Projects in Gulf Area
By Essam Lotfi (Egypt/UAE)

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Series Articles

The map is not the territory: Musings on complexity, people and models (Intro to Advances in Project Management article)
By Prof Darren Dalcher, PhD (UK)

Choosing to Change (Advances in Project Management)
By David Bentley (UK)

Benefits Maps You Can Count On (Applying Earned Benefit Management)
By Crispin “Kik” Piney (France)

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Advisory Articles

Managing Millennials: Project Management for an Evolving Workforce
By Evan Piekara (USA)

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Commentary Articles

Principles AND Processes
By Crispin “Kik” Piney (France)

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Student Papers

Management of conflicts between Facebook community users
By Florian Dalino, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

Cheating and Video Games: What repercussions on contracts?
By Augustin de la Gorgue de Rosny, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

Don’t be fooled by Overbooking practices
By Marguerite Grivet, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

AGILE Projects and internal contracts: a contradiction?
By Athenais Regnier, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

New opportunity of Arbitration for multinational companies in China
By Siying Yao, SKEMA Business School, Paris (China/France)

Model Contract between the French Public Bank of Investment and their Depositors
By Charles Moudourou Zeth, SKEMA Business School, Paris (Cameroon/France)

Measuring Contract Performance Using Earned Value Management
By Sichun Yang, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

Qualitative study of online hotel booking systems
By Caroline Henry, SKEMA Business School, Paris (France)

Building Sustainability into Contracts: Change and Dispute Management in Construction
By Guilhem Hervé, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

How sport sponsors must protect their brand when right holder goes rogue
By Elliot Butruille, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

The intellectual property within the Kickstarter funding method
By Quentin Blanchard, SKEMA Business School, Lille (France)

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The People of Project Management in Italy; The Istituto Italiano di Project Management (Country Report from Rome – English & Italian)
By Massimo Pirozzi (Italy)

PMI Andalusian Chapter was chartered by PMI and delivered its first Chapter meeting in Seville (Project Management Update from Madrid – English & Spanish)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Updates from Project Management Association Finland (Honorary Fellows of PMAF), PMI Finland Chapter, Olkiluoto 3 and Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plants, Helsinki’s Länsimetro extension, Raide-Jokeri light rail transit project (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

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Second Editions

Everything I know about project time management I learned in sports car racing
By Stacy Goff (USA)

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Book Reviews

Mastering Organizational Change Management (J. Ross)
By Barbara A. Davis (USA)
Reviewed by Michael Morris, PMP (USA)

9 Habits of Project Leaders: Experience and Data-Driven Practical Advice in Project Execution (PMI)
By Arun Singhal and Puja Bhatt
Reviewed by Heron Gonzalez, Jr., PMP (USA)

Leading the Unleadable: How to Manage Mavericks, Cynics, Divas and Other Difficult People (AMACOM)
By Alan Willett
Reviewed by Dyane Johnson Holt, PMP (USA)

9 Habits of Project Leaders: Experience and Data-Driven Practical Advice in Project Execution (PMI)
By Arun Singhal and Puja Bhatt
Reviewed by Edward Raibick, PMP (USA)

Agile Approaches on Large Projects in Large Organizations (PMI)
By Brian Hobbs and Yvan Petit (Canada)
Reviewed by Vickie Carvajal, PMP (USA)

The Essentials of Managing Programmes (Routledge)
By John Bartlett (UK)
Reviewed by Marta Santos, PhD (USA)

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