Volume VI, Issue 9 – September 2017

In This Edition

Hurricane Harvey, Floods, Disaster Relief for Project Managers… and Welcome to the September 2017 PMWJ
By David Pells, Managing Editor

Letters to the Editor

On the subject of project governance
By Patrick Weaver (Australia)

On the subject of project management for city managers
By Owen Podger (Indonesia)

On the subject of Benefits Realization Management
By Andrew Hudson (UK)

Featured Interview

Interview with Raji Sivaraman and Michal Raczka, principals of AgilityDiscoveries
By İpek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Featured Papers

The Implementation of Demonetization in India: Learnings & Suggestions
By Raju Rao (India)

Retain or Override – The question is logical
By Stephen J.C. Paterson (Thailand)

Critical Factors Hindering Successful Implementation of World Bank-Assisted Local Empowerment and Environmental Management Projects in Imo State, Nigeria
By Dr. Ibeawuchi Ifeanyi Echeme (Nigeria)

Analyzing the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Through Theoretical Lenses: A Study to Enhance the PMBOK Through Project Management Theories
By Dr. Ahmed Taha Abd el Hameed (Egypt)

Managing Problems in Projects: A Systems Approach to Understand, Treat, Avoid and Reduce its Effects
By Wantuir Felippe da Silva Junior (Brazil)

Industry 4.0 Virtual Value Chains and Collaborative Projects
By Dr. Brane Semolic (Slovenia) and Prof Pieter Steyn (South Africa)

Increasing Business Agility through Organizational Restructuring and Transformation
By Badri N. Srinivasan and Chandan Lal Patary (India)

Financial Resource Mobilization Projects and its Relationship to Academic Staff Commitment in Uganda Martyrs University
By Abdu Kisige and Prof Peter Neema-Abooki (Uganda)

Applied Management for FIDIC Contracts, Part 2: Segregation of the Contract Parties Involvement
By Dr. Moustafa Abu Dief (Egypt) and Ahmed M. Ismail (Turkey)

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Series Articles

Who killed change? Reconsidering the relationship between projects and change (Intro to Advances in Project Management article)
By Prof Darren Dalcher, PhD (UK)

The Value of Business Change Management in Projects (Advances in Project Management)
By Nicola Busby (UK)

Headline Risks: Seeing the Big Picture (Risk Doctor Briefing)
By Dr. Dale Cooper (Australia)

Making it real! Ask, answer, write it down! (Life is a Project)
By Neil Robinson (UK)

Managing Portfolios and Programs in Project Business Management (Project Business Management Series)
By Oliver Lehmann (Germany)

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Advisory Articles

Balance between Introspection & retrospection – A key factor for improved project performance
By Abeer Al Nuaimi (UAE)

Projectizing an Organization: 8 Dos and 7 Don’ts
By Paul C. Dinsmore (Brazil)

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Commentary Articles

Some conflict-related situations between parties to projects
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

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Second Editions

Productivity & Innovation as a Support in Project Management: A Study through Construction Industry in Brazil
By Prof Adriano A. R. Barbosa (Brazil)

The Impact of Project Management Uncertainty on Project Management Practices in Family Firms
By Joanna Sadkowska (Poland)

Managing an Agile Developed IT Project Portfolio
By Philipp Rosenberger and Katharina Struzl (Austria)

Understanding Project Stakeholder Psychology: The Path to Effective Stakeholder Management and Engagement
By Aurangzeb Z. Khan (Pakistan), Prof Miroslaw J. Skibniewski (USA), Prof John H. Cable (USA)

Culture Eats Strategy: Impact on Disruptive Change Programs
By Darci Prado (Brazil), Renata Kalid (Brazil), Russell D. Archibald (Mexico/USA)

Disruptive Opportunity: How the U.S. Census Bureau Reimagined its Portfolio
By Susan Hostetter and John Walsh (USA)

Be Bold or Be Beige
By Amanda Arriaga and Jessica Balew (USA)

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Summer in Spain, Looking towards Chicago (Project Management Update from Madrid – English & Spanish)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Updates from Project Management Association Finland, PMI Finland Chapter, Olkiluoto 3 and Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plants, Helsinki’s Länsimetro extension, Raide-Jokeri light rail transit project (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

Metrobus Solar Energy Project, PMI Tour Cono Sur 2017 (Project Management Update from Buenos Aires – English & Spanish)
By Cecilia Boggi, PMP (Argentina)

Rail Projects, New Queensferry Bridge, Other News from the Project World and Final Silly Season News (UK Project Management Roundup)
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

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Book Reviews

Project Management: Processes, Methodologies, and Economics (Pearson)
By Avraham Shtub and Moshe Rosenwein (Israel)
Reviewed by Manjit Aerry, PMP (USA)

Stakeholder-led Project Management: Changing the Way We Manage Projects (Business Expert Press)
By Louise M. Worsley
Reviewed by Raghuveer Gadiraju, PMP (India & USA)

Upside: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead (AMACOM)
By Kenneth W. Gronbach
Reviewed by Jennifer Arroyo, PMP (USA)
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