Volume VI, Issue 6 – June 2017

In This Edition

Five Disruptive Trends affecting Projects and Project Management, maybe more – and Welcome to the May 2017 Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor

Letters to the Editor

On the subject of the Categorization of Projects
By Bob Youker (USA)

Featured Interviews

Interview with Dave Harbath, Motiva International, European Mentoring and Coaching Council of Turkey
By Ipek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Interview with Jennifer Young Baker, President, PMI Metrolina Chapter, Project Management Institute
By Ipek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Interview with Kevin Ciccotti, Project Leadership Coach, International Coach Federation
By Ipek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Featured Papers

Some representations of how projects and/or their management related to a variety of contexts
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

The Stakeholder Perspective
By Massimo Pirozzi (Italy)

Gender Issues in Project Planning and Management
By Ujeyo Margaret Stella, Kisige Abdu, Nabunya Kulthum, Prof Peter Neema-Abooki (Uganda)

Framework for Creating a Building Information Modelling Environment in Architectural, Engineering and Construction Firms and Projects
By Olugboyega Oluseye (Nigeria)

Construction Arbitration Proceedings: An overview on risk associated and NEC3 arbitration proceedings
By Dr. Eng. Moustafa I. Abu Dief (Saudi Arabia)

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Series Articles

Coming to terms with the unknown: Re-invoking Knightian uncertainty (Intro to Advances in Project Management article)
By Prof Darren Dalcher (UK)

Are Projects and Project Managers Fragile, Robust or Anti-Fragile? (Advances in Project Management)
By Prof Tony Bendell (UK)

The Anatomy of Risk (Risk Doctor Briefing)
By Magda Stepanyan (The Netherlands)

Championship or Collective Behavior: Another Look at Entrepreneurial Activities (Managing and Working in Project Society)
By Rolf Lundin, PhD (Sweden) and Timothy Wilson, PhD (USA)

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Advisory Articles

Effective Risk Management via Early Warning Signal Systems and Processes
By Priti Vaid (India)

Agile by Incrementalism
By Sharon Herstein (USA)

Leadership and Change
By Britta Eremit (Germany)

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Commentary Articles

Culture in Multinational Projects
By Germán Bernate (Colombia)

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Personal Stories

Two plus two equals … ?
By Ruby Tomar (India)                                       

Second Editions

A Project Manager’s Personal Agility Sightings
By Raji Sivaraman (Signapore/USA) and Michal Raczka (Poland)

Agile Transformation in Project Organizations: Issues, Conditions and Challenges
By Pawel Paterek (Poland)

Life is a Project: Enabling Life Skills in Cross-Cultural Transitions
By Neil Robinson (UK)

Performance Management Readiness: How to Assess Your Organization’s Foundation for Performance Management
By Susan Hostetter and Jim Miller (USA)

The Enterprise Program Management Office: Another Best Practice at the National Nuclear Security Administration
By Jessica Kunkle, Alma Contreras, Wayne Abba, Michael Haase, David Pells (USA)

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (A Major Organizational Change)
By Amanda Arriage and Jessica Ballew (USA)

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AEDIP attended and participated in SIMApro, PMI Madrid Chapter continues developing professional activities (Project Management Update from Madrid – English & Spanish)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Updates from Project Management Association Finland; PMI Finland Chapter; Olkiluoto 3 and Hanhikivi 1 Nuclear Power Plant Projects, and Länsimetro and Raide-Jokeri Transit Projects (Finland Project Management Roundup)
By Dr. Jouko Vaskimo (Finland)

Brexit, Crossrail, Airport Projects, Alternative Energy, Cyber Crime, Space Projects and future smiles (UK Project Management Roundup)
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

Metrobus of 9 de Julio Avenue, PMI Argentina Chapters this month (Project Management Update from Buenos Aires)
By Cecilia Boggi (Argentina)

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Book Reviews

AGILE SCRUM: Your Quick Start Guide with Step-by-Step Instructions (CreateSpace)
By Scott M. Graffius
Reviewed by Edward Raibick, PMP (USA)

Project Management in Extreme Situations: Lessons from Polar Expeditions, Military and Rescue Operations, and Wilderness Exploration (CRC Press)
By Monique Aubry and Pascal Lievre, editors (France)
Reviewed by Rudy Rodriguez, PMP (USA)

The McGraw-Hill 36 Hour Course: Project Management, 2nd Edition (McGraw-Hill)
By Helen Cooke and Karen Tate (USA)
Reviewed by Rizwan Hasnie, PMP (USA)

Project Management in Practice, 6th Edition (Wiley)
By Jack R. Meredith, Scott M. Shafer, Samuel J. Mantel (Deceased) (USA)
Reviewed by Richard Brownjohn, PMP (USA)

Idea Agent: Leadership that Liberates Creativity and Accelerates Innovation (AMACOM)
By Lina M. Echeverria (USA)
Reviewed by Rick Kimball, PMP (USA)

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