Volume V, Issue 7 – July 2016

In This Edition

Welcome to the July 2016 Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor

Featured Interview

Interview with Olfa Hamdi, founder of the Advanced Work Packaging Institute, co-founder of The Institute of Management
By İpek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Featured Papers

Successful Program Delivery Starts Long Before the Program Does – Part 1
By Frank Parth (USA)

Effects of Project Manager Leadership Style on Employees’ Job Satisfaction in Construction Projects in Pakistan KP Region
By Bilal Khan, Saif ul Amin, Muhammad Shakil Ahmad, Abdul Wahid Sherani (Pakistan)

Cost Estimator/Quantity Surveyor Defined – A Key Word Analysis of Current Job Descriptions as the Basis for Exam and Competency Assessment Scoring Models
By Dr Paul D. Giammalvo (Indonesia)

Impact of Organizational Justice Perceptions on Employee’s Performance Behavior in Project Oriented Organizations in Pakistan
By Ali Haider Khan, Junaid Aftab, Uzma Anjum, Saif ul Amin (Pakistan)

Exhibiting Rebus Leadership in the Complex Domain
By Badri N. Srinivasan and Chandan Lal Patary (India)

Series Articles

Effective Risk Facilitation: Handling Difficult People (Risk Doctor Briefing)
By Dr David Hillson (UK)

Thinking in Contracts: The role of intelligent procurement in projects (Intro to Advances in Project Management Series article)
By Prof Darren Dalcher (UK)

Planning for Contract Management (Advances in Project Management Series)
By Louise Hart (Australia)

Project Team Members and Change Requests (Series on Project Management for Team Members)
By Marco Sampietro, PhD (Italy)

Role of the Enterprise PMBO in Managing Project-Portfolios, Project Progams and Projects (Series on Project Business Management and the PMO)
By Dennis Bolles and Darrel Hubbard (USA)

Brexit, Football and Project Communications (Communicating Projects – The Series)
By Ann Pilkington (UK)

Project Integration (Series on Project Integration, Interfaces and Context Management)
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

Commentary Articles

Brexit: Threat or Opportunity?
By Dr. David Hillson (UK)

Student Papers

Key questions to increase project owner’s oversight in mega projects
By Tariq Hussain, PMP (Canada)

Second Editions

Microeconomical impact factor for project management – Professional liability (Indemnity) insurance for project managers
By Emīls Pūlmanis (Latvia)

Social Project Management
By Gilbert Silvius, PhD (Netherlands)            

Tangible Strategies for Aligning Your Processes with Agile
By Kim Hobson (USA)

A Conceptual Model of National Public Projects Implementation Systems
By Stanislaw Gasik (Poland)

Customer Centric Project Management: Engaging stakeholders is not just to manage changes to requirements
By Charles Villanyi Bokor (Canada)

Facilitative Leader and Leadership development during a mega project implementation phase: A case study
By Chrisjan R van Wyk (South Africa)

Evaluating and Building Portfolio Management Maturity
By Susan Hostetter and Sherri Norris (USA)


HELLINIKON – a 10 Billion Euro Project in Greece: The largest urban regeneration project in Europe!
By Theofanis Giotis (Greece)

Spanish Project Management Pioneers; PMI Madrid Interim Management Event (Project Management Update from Madrid)
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

June in Argentina; IX Jornadas Cuyanas of Project Management; PMI Argentina Chapters’ Seminars and Workshops (Project Management Update from Buenos Aires)
By Cecilia Boggi (Argentina)

Portfolio Experience Conference in Warsaw; PMI Poland Chapter Project of the Year; Agile Europe 2016; Pint of PM in Brussels
By Artur Bialy (Poland)

Brexit: the Aftermath – A first reaction and an update (UK Project Management Roundup)
By Miles Shepherd (United Kingdom)

Low Growth, Low Investment, No Projects (Project Management Update from Belo Horizonte)
By Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto (Brazil)

Global Scrum Gathering® Orlando 2016
By Theofanis Giotis (Greece)

Book Reviews

The Conscious Project Leader
By Colin D Ellis
Reviewed by Vickie Carvajal, PMP (USA)


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