Volume V, Issue 1 – January 2016

Interview with Ou Lixiong

  PM has shifted from ‘Management of Projects’ to ‘Management by Projects’ Interview with Ou Lixiong Professor, Northwestern Polytechnical University Executive Vice President, PMRC Vice President, IPMA China Interviewed by Yu Yanjuan Journalist, Project Management Review: PMR (China) Journalist’s Introduction ‘For/By People, Goal/Objective Orientation, Flexible/temporary organization, Uncertainty/change management, Stakeholders satisfaction’. These are the five key [...]

Interview with Nieto-Rodriguez

  Diversity Can Be an Asset Interview with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez Past Chairman, Project Management Institute Visiting Professor, Duke University, USA Interviewed by Yu Yanjuan Journalist, Project Management Review: PMR (China) Journalist’s Introduction Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez (www.antonionietorodriguez.com) is a visiting Professor of Duke University’s Corporate Education and IE Business School, and past Chairman of the Project Management Institute (PMI). [...]

Evaluating aspects of power plant performance

Using Project Success Life Cycle Model (PSLCM)   FEATURED PAPER By Lalamani Budeli and Prof J H Wichers South Africa   Abstract The Project Success Life Cycle Model (PSLCM) is aimed at ensuring that critical factors are considered when the success of power plant is measured. This model uses data envelopment analysis (DEA) to measure [...]

Responsibilities for “project” successes/failures?

  FEATURED PAPER By Alan Stretton, PhD (Hon) Sydney, Australia   INTRODUCTION I first discussed project successes and failure in a series of six articles in this journal, starting with Stretton 2014j. In the second article of that series (Stretton 2015a) I assembled a list of 42 different causes of “project” failures, derived from the [...]

Project Estimating Process

  Project Workflow Management SERIES ARTICLE By Dan Epstein New York, USA   Note: This article is based on the book Project Workflow Management: A Business Process Approach by Dan Epstein and Rich Maltzman, published by J Ross Publishing in 2014. The book describes PM Workflow® framework, the step-by-step workflow guiding approach using project management methods, practical techniques, examples, [...]

Quantitative Risk Analysis

Why bother?   Risk Doctor Briefing SERIES ARTICLE Dr David Hulett California, USA     Many projects overrun their budget and schedule targets, often due to the following causes: Project plans are biased, usually towards being over-optimistic. Project plans do not fully reflect the impact of uncertainty and risks (including both project-specific risks and systemic [...]

The Benefits of Stakeholders

  Applying Earned Benefit Management SERIES ARTICLE By Crispin (“Kik”) Piney, PgMP, PfMP Southern France   This article builds on the ideas described earlier in this series, and applies the Benefits Map to provide a more detailed stakeholder analysis and ensure alignment between benefits, stakeholder engagement, and strategy.   Introduction: Program Stakeholders However good the [...]

Relative Estimation

in Agile Project Management   ADVISORY ARTICLE By Arvind Mundra Philadelphia, PA, USA   As they say that life is a journey and most (if not all) value should be derived while you are traveling (or alive). I want to propose a similar perspective of relative estimation in Agile Project Management. Many times (if not [...]

Engaging Stakeholders to Drive Transformational Change

  ADVISORY ARTICLE By Evan Piekara Washington, DC, USA   Abstract Technical prowess is not enough in managing change efforts. Crafting a change management plan requires careful consideration and knowledge of stakeholders to introduce, drive, and reinforce change. This paper provides lessons learned and considerations on engaging the right stakeholders, at the right time and [...]

A Practitioner’s Guide to the PMO

  ADVISORY By Kenneth F. Smith Honolulu, Hawaii   A Practitioner’s Guide to the PMO[1] ABSTRACT This is a discussion about Project Management Organizations (PMOs).   The author describes the characteristics of three basic types suited to serve different organizational forms and objectives.  “For Forms of Organization, let fools contest; That which Administers best, is best!”[2] [...]

Strategy and Reputation

The Big Business of Slave Labor in 21st Century Projects   COMMENTARY By John Schlichter Georgia, USA   “The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.” Socrates (469 BC – 399 BC) Is the use of slave labor on large infrastructure projects a real thing in [...]

November 2018 PM Update from Buenos Aires

“Social Project Management Day” and “PMI Tour Cono Sur 2018” (Report from Argentina)   REPORT By Cecilia Boggi, PMP International Correspondent Buenos Aires, Argentina   Focused on disseminating project management practices in organizations with social purposes, such as foundations and NGOs, the event called “Social Project Management Day” (SPMD) has taken place recently both in [...]

Project Management Report from São Paulo

The Brazilian elections and its reflection on project management   REPORT By Mauricio Lopes International Correspondent São Paulo, Brazil     Last month, the second round of the Brazilian presidential election was held and surprisingly the winner was a candidate who only a few years ago gained notoriety among the Brazilian population. This is Jair [...]

Finland Project Management Roundup for November 2018

Updates about Project Management Association Finland (including Project Days 2018); PMI Finland Chapter; Olkiluoto 3 nuclear power plant; Hanhikivi 1 nuclear power plant; Helsinki’s Länsimetro extension; Raide-Jokeri light rail project   REPORT By Dr Jouko Vaskimo International Correspondent & Senior Contributing Editor Espoo, Finland   INTRODUCTION This roundup continues the coverage of Project Management Association [...]

Potential of Blockchain-enabled smart contract platforms

for automated enforcement and dispute resolution   STUDENT PAPER By Aseem Sharma SKEMA Business School Lille, France   ABSTRACT Over the past few years the word blockchain has been gaining a lot of attention. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the two most widespread blockchain platforms and there are many other platforms which have emerged recently. But [...]

Owner and Contractor in the Defense Industry

Two Sides at War   STUDENT PAPER By Arthur Vaesken SKEMA Business School Lille, France   ABSTRACT The following paper constitutes the author’s effort towards the “International Project Contracts” course at SKEMA Business School, in the context of a “Programme and Project Management and Business Development (PPMBD)” Master Degree. In it, the author will study [...]

Are Intellectual Property Rights still relevant

in a context of E-Commerce Business?   STUDENT PAPER By Julie Roué SKEMA Business School Paris, France   ABSTRACT One of the strategic resources of a company is its intellectual property. From designs to idea, from trademark to logos, intellectual property embodies all the uniqueness of a brand. But do businesses really know how to [...]

Renewable Energies

Safe Investment or Dangerous Deal?   STUDENT PAPER By Cyril Cojutti SKEMA Business School Lille, France   ABSTRACT Renewable energies, nowadays, have a significant impact on the way we consider creating energy and affect all layer of society One of the way, to have access to renewable energies on a project level is to contract [...]

Building Sustainability into a Contract:

How to create more “Green” Supply Chain Contracts   STUDENT PAPER By Souhaila Bouddou SKEMA Business School Lille, France   ABSTRACT Sustainability in supply chain can have an important impact on the overall well-being of society and the environment. In fact, many companies work on adopting a sustainable approach since different activities can harm the [...]

Is change in Construction contracts a risk?

Analysis of causes and impacts   STUDENT PAPER By Sirine Ben Jebara SKEMA Business School Paris, France   ABSTRACT Changes in construction projects are very common and usually generate cost and time overruns. The purpose of management of change is to reduce the bad impacts of changes that are necessary to the project and not [...]

Sustainable Activism & Ecology:

New Challenges in the Construction Field   STUDENT PAPER By Jérôme Andriamirado SKEMA Business School Lille, France   ABSTRACT The following paper is treating today’s context, where the construction field is one of the major cause of pollution in most countries of the world. It actually has deep impacts on public health, soil and air. [...]

Realizing Strategy Through Projects

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title:    Realizing Strategy Through Projects: The Executive’s Guide Author:  Carl Marnewick Publisher:  CRC Press / Taylor and Francis Group List Price:   $55.96 Format:  Hardcover, 218 pages Publication Date:   Nov 2017 ISBN: 978-1-138-19610-0 Reviewer: Denise Cordova Review Date:   October 2018   Introduction The book provides insight into how to view [...]

Managing Project Competence

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title: Managing Project Competence: The Lemon and the Loop    Author: Rolf Medina Publisher:  CRC / Auerbach Publications List Price:  $89.95 Format: Hard cover, 170 pages Publication Date:  January 2018 ISBN: 978-1-4987-8438-2 Reviewer: Mechelle Davidson, PMP Review Date: September 2018   Introduction Managing Project Competence provides an in-depth look at competence [...]

Breakthrough Project Portfolio Management

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title:  Breakthrough Project Portfolio Management:  Achieving the Next Level of Capability and Optimization Author:  Murali Kulathumani, MBA, CSM Publisher:  J. Ross Publishing List Price:  $59.95 Format:  Hardcover, 272 pages Publication Date:   Dec 2017 ISBN: 13: 978-1-60427-149-2 Reviewer: David H Diatikar Review Date: July 2018    Introduction Traditional Earned Value Management (EVM) [...]

Find the Fire

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title:    Find the Fire: Ignite Your Inspiration – And Make Work Exciting Again Author:  Scott Mautz Publisher:  HarperCollins List Price:   $39.95 Format:  Hardcover, 245 pages Publication Date: October 2017 ISBN: 978-0-8144-3822-0 Reviewer: Lusetha Rolle, PMP Review Date: October 2018   Introduction Find the Fire is a book that begins with [...]

Time Matters

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title: Time Matters: Time management techniques for avoiding or recovering from delay on projects and programmes         Author:  Tom Taylor Publisher:  dashdot Enterprises (UK) List Price:   $7.97 Format: Soft Cover, 56 pages Publication Date:  2018 ISBN: 095748343-0 Reviewer: Edward Raibick, PMP Review Date: October 2017   Introduction The book titled Time Matters [...]

Creating a Greater Whole

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title:   Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming a Leader Author:   Susan G. Schwartz, PMP Publisher:   CRC Press (An Auerbach Book) List Price:  $53.80 Format:  Hardcover, 199 pages Publication Date:   2018 ISBN: 978-1-138-06405-8 Reviewer: John Poulos, PMP Review Date: September 2018   Introduction The author – Susan G. [...]

Investment-Centric Project Management

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title:    Investment-Centric Project Management: Advanced Strategies for Developing and Executing Successful Capital Projects Author: Steven James Keays, MSc, P.Eng Publisher: J. Ross Publishing. List Price: $69.95 Format: Hardcover, 439 pages Publication Date: Aug 2017 ISBN: 978-1-60427-142-3 Reviewer: Mark J. Loiselle Review Date: Sept 2018   Introduction After 30 years in [...]

A Holistic Approach to Lessons Learned

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title: A Holistic Approach to Lessons Learned: How Organizations Can Benefit from Their Own Knowledge    Author: Moria Levy Publisher: CRC Press List Price:   $59.95 Format: Hardback, 145 pages Publication Date:   Jan 2018 ISBN: 978-1-138-56476-3 Reviewer: Barbara L LaDue Review Date: August 2018   Introduction I chose this book because Lessons [...]

Agilizing the Enterprise

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title:    Agilizing the Enterprise: Collaborative Leadership, Dynamic Strategy and Organizational Flexibility Author:  Joseph Raynus Publisher:  CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group List Price:   $79.95 Format:  Hardcover, 240 pages Publication Date:   June 2018 ISBN: 13:978-1-138-19797-8 Reviewer: Arthur L Jones Review Date:   Sep 2018   Introduction As an executive, imagine losing [...]

The Audio PMP Exam Prep

  BOOK REVIEW Book Title:  The Audio PMP Exam Prep: Conversations on Passing the PMP Exam Author:  Carl Pritchard and Bruce Falk Publisher:  CRC Press / Taylor & Francis Group List Price:   $69.95 Format:  Audio Book Publication Date:  2017 ISBN: ISBN 9781138196087 Reviewer:  Swati Shah Review Date: September 2018   Introduction The Audio PMP Exam [...]

Failed Governance

A major contributor to failed projects in Africa   FEATURED PAPER By O. Chima Okereke, PhD UK and Nigeria   Introduction Most of the failed projects in Africa belong to the public sector and are owned by the various national governments. Multinationals such as Shell, Chevron, Total, Agip, etc., plan and implement projects but do [...]

Bringing Strangers into the Project

  Project Business Management SERIES ARTICLE By Oliver F. Lehmann Munich, Germany     “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.” Jack Welch Summary Project management is changing from an internal cross-functional discipline into a cross-organizational business discipline. Project managers today must ever more tap [...]


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