Volume IV, Issue 2 – February 2015

In This Edition

Welcome to the February 2015 Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor 

Letters to the Editor

On the Subject of Alan Stretton’s recent series article on project successes and failures
By Patrick Weaver (Australia)

Featured Papers

Improbability of Large Project Success
By Bob Prieto (USA) 

Failures in Construction due to Ineffective PMIS
By Essam Lottfy (UAE) and Frank Parth (USA)

PMS, Managerial and Cultural Barriers to Agile Implementation in Indian IT Project-based Organizations
By Subhashish Sengupta and Dr. Debashish Sengupta (India)

Multi-Project Management in Companies Development (on example of shipping company)
By Yuliya Prykno and Prof Inna O. Lapkina (Ukraine)

Applying Statistical Forecasting of Project Duration to Earned Schedule – Longest Path
By Walt Lipke (USA)

Public Funding and Ensuring Public Project Efficiency: Micro-Economical Perspective of the EU Funds Management Frame in the Republic of Latvia
By Emils Pulmanis (Latvia)

Why Projects Fail or Succeed – A Project Management Preview of the Nigerian General Election of 2015
By O. Chima Okereke, PhD (Nigeria/UK)

Series Articles

Factors affecting Level 1: “Project Management” success (Article 3 in Series on Project Success and Failure)
By Alan Stretton, PhD (Hon) (Australia)

Stakeholder Theory (Series on Stakeholder Engagement)
By Lynda Bourne, DPM (Australia)

The Role of Academic Institutions in Educating and Training Project Managers (New Series)
By Prof Helgi Thor Ingason and Haukur Ingi Jonasson, PhD (Iceland)

Let Practitioners Speak – An open invitation to the PM community for the development of Annotated Project Handbooks (APHs)
By Prof John-Paris Pantouvakis, PhD (Greece)

Advisory Articles

Contribution from an Agile Coach for the Organizational Transformation Journey
By Chandan Patary (India)

Project Initiation Process
By Dan Epstein (USA)

Executive Sponsor Considerations for Enterprise Cloud Adoptions
By Don Hammons (USA)

Are you listening to me or hearing me?
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)


The Essence of PMBOK (Project Management is the Way of Life)
By T. D. Jainendrakumar, PhD (India)

Managing International Development Projects – Lessons
By Robert Youker (USA)

How Project Startup Occurred Internationally as a Key Issue of Project Management
By Morten Fangel (Denmark)

Threats and Opportunities Don’t Matter…
By Crispin “Kik” Piney (France)

Second Editions

Bridging Perceived Gap between Business Stakeholders and PMO
By Dwaraka Iyengar (USA)


Project Management update from Istanbul
By Ipek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Project Management Update from Abuja
By Taopheek Babayeju (Nigeria)

Project Management Report from Madrid
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

UK Project Management Roundup
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

Book Reviews

Dynamic Scheduling with Microsoft Project 2013 (J. Ross)
By Rodolfo Ambriz, PMP; Mario Landa, PMP
Reviewed by Penelope Crudgington (USA)

Bridging the Business-Project Divide (Gower)
By John Brinkworth
Reviewed by Diane Morris (USA)

Project Management Tools & Techniques: A Practical Guide (CRC)
By Deborah Sater Carstens, PMP; Gary L. Richardson, PMP; Ronald B. Smith, PMP
Reviewed by Mark Becker (USA)

Reinventing Communication (Gower)
By Mark Phillips (USA)
Reviewed by Rodger Martin (USA)

Playing the Project Manager
By Charles Smith (UK)
Reviewed by Trellis Stewart (USA)


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