Volume III, Issue 9 – September 2014

In This Edition

Welcome to the September 2014 Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor 

Featured Papers

Optimizing the Strategy of Technical Bid Analysis using Multi Attribute Decision Making Models
By Ahmed Al-Abri (Oman) 

Analytical Hierarchy Process to Determine Minimum Attractive Rate of Return for Exploration and Production Projects in Oman
By Saaed Al-Shehhi (Oman) 

Facing Project Cost Exposure during Front End Loading (FEL) Implementation
By Trian Hendro Asmoro (Indonesia) 

Oman Oil and Gas Cost Estimating vs. the GAO’s Best Practices in Capital Budgeting – A Benchmarking Study
By Musallam Al-Awaid (Oman) 

Project Management as a Tool to Facilitate the Establishment of Knowledge Economy in Nigeria
By O. Chima Okereke, PhD (Nigeria/UK)

Series Articles

Impact of PPPM Maturity on the Success of Organizational change Projects in Brazil (Project Management Maturity Series)
By Russell D. Archibald, PhD (Hon) (Mexico/USA), Darci Prado, PhD (Brazil) 

Three Essential Elements of Risk (Risk Doctor Series)
By Crispin (“Kik”) Piney (France)

Categorizing Programs (Series on Project & Program Categories)
By Alan Stretton, PhD (Hon) (Australia)

IPMA Education and Training Moving Forward (IPMA E&T Series)
By Prof John-Paris Pantouvakis, PhD (Greece)

Introduction to a New Series: Transitioning to Program Management (Program Management Series)
By Russell Martinelli, Jim Waddell, Tim Rahschulte (USA) 

Transitioning to Program Management, Part 1 – The Ah Ha Moment (Program Management Series)
By Russell Martinelli, Jim Waddell, Tim Rahschulte (USA)

Advisory Articles

How to Select Your Project Team
By Ron Taylor (USA) 

Commentary Articles

The Future of Quality: Back to Basics and Strong Project Management
By Giovanni Capozza (Italy) 

Project Managers are the Better Leaders
By Inken Lasar (UAE) 

The Challenge of Predictive Metrics
By Mark Phillips (USA)

Student Papers 

Project Delivery Risk Management
By Trevor Mpatsi (South Africa)

Second Editions

Toward a Framework for Project Management Information Systems Training
By A. J. McCarty, PhD and M. J. Skibniewski, PhD (USA)

Time Management: The Indispensable Force Behind Successful Disaster Recovery
By Brenda N. Yombo and James S. DeGenova (USA) 

A Governance Framework for Managing and Engaging Project Stakeholders
By Aurangzeb Z. Khan, PhD (Pakistan), Miroslaw Skibniewski, PhD (USA) and John Cable (USA) 

Project Management and Emergency Management: Dealing with Changes in a Changing Environment
By Costanza Galastri (Italy/USA) and Blanche Mitchell (USA) 


Project Management Report from Nigeria
By Taopheek Babayeju (Nigeria)

Project Management Update from Belo Horizonte
By Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto (Brazil)

Project Management Report from São Paulo
By Mauricio Lopes (Brazil)

Project Management Roundup from UK
By Miles Shepherd (England)

Project Management Update from Santa Cruz De La Sierra
By Rocio Zelada (Bolivia)

Project Management Report from Harare
By Peter Banda (Zimbabwe)

Book Reviews

The Secret Life of Decisions: How Subconscious Bias Subverts Your Judgment (Gower)
By Meena Thuraisingham (Australia)
Reviewed by Nazanin Mehrooz (USA)

Going Beyond the Waterfall: Managing Scope Effectively Across the Project Life Cycle (J. Ross)
By Barbara Davis and Darren Radford (USA)
Reviewed by Vance Clarke (USA)

Stress and Performance in Health Care Project Teams (PMI)
By Francios Chiocchio, Paule Lebel, Pierre-Yves Therriault, Andress Coucher, Carolyn Hass, Francois-Xavier Rabbat, Jean-Francois Bouchard (Canada)
Reviewed by Stephen Strecker (USA)

The Samsung Way: Transformational Management Strategies from the World Leader in Innovation and Design (McGraw-Hill)
By Jaeyong Song, Kyungmook Lee (South Korea)
Reviewed by Jerry Glasscock (USA)

Project Management Leadership: Building Creative Teams (Wiley)
By Rory Burke and Steve Barron
Reviewed by Scott Lissit (USA)



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