Volume III, Issue 7 – July 2014

In This Edition

Welcome to the July 2014 Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor

Letters to the Editor

In response to Letter to the Editor in June PMWJ related to Dynamic Scheduling
By Amer Fahmy (Oman)

Featured Papers

The Origins of the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) Calendar
By Pat Weaver (Australia)

Green Project Management – A Case Study in Sustainability – Management of Chemical Containers for Social Good: Child Health and Nutrition
By Monica Gonzalez (Argentina)

Testing Earned Schedule Forecasting Reliability
By Walt Lipke (USA)

Project Management Insights from Bhagavad Gita
By Dr Goparaju Purna Sudhakar (India)

Project Estimating Process
By Dan Epstein (USA)

Development and Implementation of Project Management Plan
By Muhamed Abdomerovic (USA) 

p-Government – A Framework for Public Projects Management
By Stanislaw Gasik, PhD (Poland)

Series Articles

Closing the Gap between PM Training and PM Performance – Part 2: Closing the Gap (IPMA Education & Training Series)
By Stacy Goff (USA) 

Impact of PPPM Maturity on the Success of Software Application Development Projects in Brazil (Project Management Maturity Series)
By Russell D. Archibald, PhD (Hon) (Mexico/USA), Darci Prado, PhD (Brazil)

Incorporating Risk in Program Decisions (Program Management Series)
By Russ Martinelli and Jim Waddell (USA)

Managing Reputation Risk (Risk Doctor Series)
By Garry Honey (UK)

Advisory Articles

Encouraging Comfort with Change – The Challenge for Today’s Leader
By Marge Combe (USA)

Practical Project Risk Management
By Ron Look (USA)

Why Project Management should be an Ecosystem and not just a function
By Mike Saville (UK)


How Nigeria can Raise more Qualified Project Managers
By Jerry Ihejirika (Nigeria)

How Strategic Thinking is Forced based on PMO
By İpek Sahra Özgüler (Turkey)

Second Editions 

How to Shape your Stakeholders
By Damiano Bragantini and David Ferrante (Italy) 

The Business Value of the Soft Stuff
By Jocelyn S. Davis (USA)

Ethics in Project Management: Research on Values-Based Leadership in Project Driven Arenas
By William Moylan, PhD and Loran Walker, PhD (USA)

The Art of Agile Risk Management
By Susan Parente (USA)                                                                              


Project Management Report from Milan
By Luca Cavone (Italy) 

Project Management Update from Zagreb
By Gordana Blažević(Croatia)

Project Management Report from Belo Horizonte
By Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto (Brazil)

Project Management Roundup from UK
By Miles Shepherd (England)

Project Management in Spain: Monthly Report
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Book Reviews

Project Ethics (Gower)
By Haukur Ingi Jonasson, PhD and Helgi Thor Ingason, PhD (Iceland)
Reviewed by Patty Kelley (USA) 

Positive Leadership in Project Management – A Practical Guide to Enhancing Individual, Team and Organizational Performance (IIL)
By Frank P. Saladis, PMP (USA)
Reviewed by Eldon J. Zorinsky, PMP (USA) 

Strategic Benefits Realization (J. Ross)
By Craig. J. Letavec(USA)
Reviewed by Huma Sohrwardy, PMP (USA) 

SuperCommunictor (AMACOM)
By Frank J. Pietrucha (USA)
Reviewed by Kurt R. Grigsby (USA)


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