Volume III, Issue 2 – February 2014

In This Edition

Welcome to the February 2014 Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor 

Letters to the Editor

On the Subject of Stakeholder Management
By Drew Davison (Canada) 


Why Project Management for Consultants? Robert Youker’s 1980 Interview with International Consulting News 

Featured Papers

The Halo and Devil Affects: Impediments to Project Delivery
By Onyinyechi F. Okebugwu, Enoch OM Omajeh (Nigeria) 

A Well-Oiled Engine
By Andy Cuthbert (USA) 

A Fuzzy Risk Assessment Model (FRAM) for Risk Management (RM)
By Ashwani Kharola (India) 

Using Analytical Hierarchy Process to Determine Appropriate Minimum Attractive Rate of Return for Oil and Gas Projects in Indonesia
By Lita Liana (Indonesia) 

Perspective on the Cost of Delayed Decision Making in Large Project Execution
By Bob Prieto (USA)

Series Articles

Introduction to Advances in Project Management Series Article: When people make decisions: Thinking and deciding in projects
By Prof Darren Dalcher (UK) 

Advances in Project Management Series: Memory and Project Mental Errors
By Lev Virine, Michael Trumper, Eugenia Virine

Risk Doctor Briefing: Managing Risk in Complex Projects
By Dr David Hillson (UK) 

IPMA Education & Training Series: Projekt Management Austria: Promotion of young talents starts at school
By Brigitte Schaden (Austria) 

Project Management Maturity Series: The Importance of Knowing Your Project, Program and Portfolio Management Maturity: PPPMM
By Russell D. Archibald (Mexico/USA) and Darci Prado (Brazil) 

Disposable System Development – A New Paradigm for Managing ICT Projects in the Innovation Age, Part 3: Identify Project Deliverables instead of Project Scope
By Prof Hubert Vaughan (China) 

Introduction to a new Series on Program Management – The Decisive Program Manager
By Russ Martinelli and Jim Waddell (USA)

Case Studies

Bringing Success through Agility in Software Development: A Case Study
By Chandan Patary (India)

Advisory Articles

Culture: The Iceberg that Sinks Organizational Change! How to Survive the Impact
By Marge Combe (USA) 


Program, Project and Change Managers Can Make a Big Difference in the Lives of People!
By Chandra Venkataraman (USA) 

Notes on General Management, Project Management and Professionalism
By Alan Stretton (Australia) 

Student Papers 

Strategy for Consistently Delivering Successful IT Projects in Indonesia
By Delano Irawadi (Indonesia)

Second Editions 

Cost Overruns in Large Infrastructure Projects – An Overview of International and Croatian Experiences
By Goran Legac, Mladen Radujković, PhD and Marko Šimac (Croatia) 

In Praise of Followers
By Larry Suda (USA)

Organizational Context Approach in the Establishment of a PMO for Turnaround Projects: Experiences from the Oil & Gas Industry
By Dimitrios Emiris, PhD 

Improving Organization Core Competences through PMO Team Development
By José E. Reyes Gonzalez (Panama)                                                                              


UK Project Management Roundup
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

Project Management Report from Milan – Engineering the Future of Europe: The UNITECH Perspective
By Luca Cavone (Italy)

Project Management in Spain: Monthly Report
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Project Management Update from Argentina
By Cecilia Boggi (Argentina)

Project Management Update from Douala: Establishing a Stakeholders’ Engagement Strategy for the Construction of a Palm Oil Processing Center in Nguibassal – Cameroon
By Marie Eliane Ndjib (Cameroon)

IPMA Project Excellence Award tells who is the best in Project Management
By Ewa Bednarczyk and Kasia Pachuta (Poland)

Book Reviews

PMP Training Kit (Microsoft)
By Sean Whitaker
Reviewed by Greg Hawkins, PMP (USA)

Business Driven PMO Success Stories – Across Industries and Around the World (J Ross)
By Mark Price Perry
Reviewed by Michelle Hesler, PMP (USA)

THE POWER OF ONE: You’re the Boss
By Kathleen Brush
Reviewed by Nazanin Mehrooz, PMP (USA)

Project Management for the Oil and Gas Industry: A World System Approach (CRC)
By Adedeji B. Badiru, Samuel O. Osisanya
Reviewed by Pooya Mirsalehi (Iran/USA)

By Van Moody
Reviewed by Nazanin Mehrooz, PMP (USA)

SCRUM Mega Pack for the Agile Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholder and Development Team (Pashum)
By Paul Vii
Reviewed by Maryann Coelln, PMP (USA)

Wingtips with Spurs: Lessons from the Ranch (Multi-Media)
By Michael L. Gooch
Reviewed by Luke Martincevic, PMP (USA)


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