Volume III, Issue 1 – January 2014

 In This Edition

Welcome to the January 2014 Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor 

Letters to the Editor

On the Subject of Stakeholder Management
By Patrick Weaver (Australia) 

Featured Papers

Notes on organisational stakeholders
By Alan Stretton (Australia) 

Vigorous Integrated Offshore Execution of IM Program to Significantly Reduce Hydro-Carbon Release and Maintain Base production
By Maryulis (Indonesia) 

Application of Agile Methodologies for Member and Team Role Transformation in Project
By Subhashish Sengupta, PMP, Dr. Debashish Sengupta and Prof Ray Titus (India) 

Longitudinal Assessment of the Impact of Leadership on Organizational Performance
By Leo Bruno, PhD (Brazil) 

Development of Fuzzy Logic Model for Project Management Success
By Ashwani Kharola and Dr. S B Singh (India) 

Equilibrium and Extreme Principles in Discovering Unknown Relationships from Big Data, Part 2: Non-statistical Mathematical Methods in Project Management
By Pavel Barseghyan, PhD (Armenia/USA) 

The Project Manager’s Stakeholder Circuit: A New Paradigm for Stakeholder Management
By Eric Wright, PhD and D. J. McCord (USA) 

Mathematical Models of Management for a Manager and his Team
By Prof Vladimir Voropajev, PhD (Russia) and Prof Yan Gelrud (Russia) 

Project Management Credentials Compared – 2014 Update
By Dr. Paul Giammalvo (Indonesia) 

Owners Readiness Index
By Bob Prieto (USA)

Series Articles

Introduction to Advances in Project Management Series Article: Seeing Change – The power to think in new ways
By Prof Darren Dalcher (UK) 

Advances in Project Management Series: New Mindset for a New Age
By Philip Weiss (Germany/UK) 

Risk Doctor Briefing: Including Sustainability in the Risk Framework
By Dr David Hillson (UK) 

IPMA Education & Training Series: Educating Project Management Practitioners in Ireland
By Prof Sebastian Green and Ed Naughton (Ireland)

Project Management Maturity Series: Introduction to Maturity in Project Management
By Russell Archibald, (Mexico/USA) and Darci Prado (Brazil)

Advisory Articles

“Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch” – Assuring Your Strategy Will Be Digested
By Marge Combe (USA) 

Seize the Leadership Moment
By Ron Taylor (USA) 

Project Issues Management: A Risk Based Collaborative Approach
By Alex Gertsen (USA) 


Understanding the Value of CAPM® Certification
By Dr Harold Kerzner (USA) 

Professionalism: at the heart of project success
By Andrew Bragg (UK)

Second Editions 

Implementing Project Management as Part of a Corporate Cost Reduction Program
By Prof Hubert Vaughan (China) 

Identifying and Classifying Program/Project Stakeholders
By Alan Stretton (Australia) 

Integrated Teaching Approach for Developing Project Management Competences
By Ana Skledar Matijević, PhD, Zlatko Barilović and Igor Vrečko, PhD (Croatia) 

Earned Schedule – Ten Years After
By Walt Lipke (USA) 

Just-in-Time Just-in-Case Learning to Enhance Project Performance
By Larry Suda (USA) 

Competency-based dual education: An alliance between industry, education and public sectors to fulfill industry demand and needs of youth in the US – A project success story
By Dr. Thomas Baumann, Sarah Harfst, Amy Cell and John Dunn (USA) 

Structuring of Public Infrastructure Mega Projects
By Leo Penović (Croatia) 


UK Project Management Roundup
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

IPMA Recruits Assessors for the IPMA International Project Excellence Award 2014
By Ewa Bednarczyk and Kasia Pachuta (Poland)

Development of Project Management in Croatia
By Gordana Blažević (Croatia) 

Project Management Update from Milan
By Luca Cavone (Italy)

Project Management in Spain: Monthly Report
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

Book Reviews

The Software Project Manager’s Bridge to Agility (Addison-Wesley)
By Michele Sliger and Stacia Broderick
Reviewed by James Ure, PhD, PMP (USA)

Visual Models for Software Requirements (Microsoft)
By Joy Beatty & Anthony Chen
Reviewed by Johnny Gan, PMP (USA)

Design Leadership: Securing the Strategic Value of Design (Gower)
By Raymond Turner
Reviewed by Lakshmi Subramanian (USA)

Software Requirements, 3rd Edition (Microsoft)
By Karl E Wiegers and Joy Beatty
Reviewed by Marta Soncodi (USA)

PMP Exam Practice Test and Study Guide, and PMP Exam Challenge (CRC)
By J. Leroy Ward, PMP, PgMP and Ginger Levin, PhD, PMP, PgMP
Reviewed by David Boomstein (USA)


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