Volume II, Issue 6 – June 2013

In This Edition

Welcome to the June Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor 

Featured Papers

Communications and Contacts in Massively Interconnected Systems – Part 2: Connectivity Functions and Differential Equations of Connectedness
By Pavel Barseghyan, PhD (Armenia/USA) 

Project Categorization and Assessment utilizing Multivariate Statistical Techniques
By Bob Prieto (USA)

How does Project Management fit into structure of Global Organizations, former government owned companies
By Anca Onuta (Romania)

How to develop your personal skills for project success
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain) and Randall Englund (USA)

Series Articles

Advances in Project Management Series:
Managing Change: Organisations, People and the Search for Performance
By Prof Darren Dalcher, PhD (UK) 

Advances in Project Management Series:
Managing Value in Organisations
By Donal Carroll (UK) 

Enterprise Project Governance
How to Manage Projects Successfully Across the Organization
By Paul Dinsmore and Luiz Rocha (Brazil)

New Construction Contract for the 21st Century – A Series on the CIOB’s new contract for complex construction projects:
Information Flow
By Keith Pickavance (UK) 

IPMA Education & Training Board Series:
IPMA Expert Seminars
By Dr. Hans Knoepfel (Switzerland) 

Risk Doctor Briefing:
Managing Risk Across Border
By Dr. David Hillson (UK) 

Dragons, Camels and Kangaroos – A Series on Cultural Intelligence for Program and Project Managers:
Managing Projects in China – What could possibly go wrong?
By Bill Young, PhD (Australia/China)

Advisory Articles

Operational Excellence through Agile Practices
By Chandan Patary (India) 

5 Tips for Your Project Management Career
By Alam Braga (Brazil) 

Why you need Strategy to make your Project Portfolio work
By Inken Lasar (Germany/UAE) 

13 Common Agile Issues Identified and Addressed
By Brian Vanderjack and Lisa Clements (USA)  


Theory behind Engineering Tables
By Anil Seth (India) 

Reflection on How to Achieve Global Project Success
By Alexander Matthey (UAE/Switzerland) 

Great Project Managers Look for More Leaders, Not More Followers
By Ron Taylor (USA) 

Project work and line-of-business work – the power of candid conversation
By Martin Price (UK) 

Student Papers

Consideration of Sustainable Development Principles in Process Management
By Ivonne Lange, doctoral candidate (Austria)

Case Studies

Development of Software for Project Implementation Centres (SPIC) in DRDO
By N. Venkatesh and S. Kalpavalli (India) 


The Bet – A Story about Project Management and Project Procurement
By Ian Heptinstall (UK/UAE) 

Second Editions

Needs Identification processes to establish program/project benefits targets
By Alan Stretton, PhD (Australia) 

Schedule Adherence – a useful measure for project management
By Walt Lipke (USA) 


Project Management Update from Argentina
By Cecilia Boggi (Argentina)

Project Management Report from Madrid
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

UK Project Management Roundup
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

Report from IPMA Project Excellence Awards: 2013 Jury Members Announced
By Ewa Bednarczyk (Poland)

Book Reviews

Linking Project Management with Business Strategy (PMI)
By Aaron J. Shenhar, Dragan Milosevic, Dov Dvir, Hans Thamhain + others
Reviewed by Raju Rao, PMP (India)

Managing Conflict in Projects: Applying Mindfulness and Analysis for Optimal Results (PMI)
By George Pitagorsky
Reviewed by Lakshmi Subramanian, PMP (USA) 

The Power of the Plan: Empowering the Leader in You (MM Pubs)
By Douglas Land and David Barrett
Reviewed by Stephen Rojak, PMP (USA) 

Business Integrity in Practice: Insights from International Case Studies (BEP)
By Agata Stachowicz-Stanusch and Wolfgang Amann
Reviewed by Umair Ahmad, PMP (USA)

Fundamentals of Program Management (PMI)
By Motoh Shimizu
Reviewed by Nazinin Mehrooz, PMP (USA)

The Procurement Game Plan (J. Ross)
By Charles Dominick and Soheila R. Lunney
Reviewed by Likhit Verma (USA) 

The Virtual Edge: Embracing Technology for Distributed Project Team Success
By <Margery Mayer. PhD
Reviewed by John Lee, PMP (Signapore) 


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