Volume II, Issue 12 – December 2013

In This Edition

Welcome to the December Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor 

Letters to the Editor

On the Subject of Rebecca Winston’s article on Subject Matter Experts
By Max Wideman (Canada) 

On the Subject of Managing ICT Projects in the Innovation Age
By Hubert Vaughan (China)

Featured Papers

Mathematical Modeling of Project Management Problems for Regulators
By Prof Vladimir Voropajev, PhD (Russia) and Prof Yan Gelrud (Russia) 

Equilibrium and Extreme Principles in Discovering Unknown Relationships from Big Data, Part 1: Methods of Advanced Data Analytics in Light of the Equations of Mathematical Physics
By Pavel Barseghyan, PhD (Armenia/USA)

Managing inter-project coordination within programs
By Alan Stretton (Australia)

Series Articles

Introduction to Advances in Project Management Series Article – Project economics: Wishful thinking, conspiracy of optimism or a self-fulfilling prophecy
By Prof Darren Dalcher (UK) 

Advances in Project Management Series: Let in the Light on Project Finances
By Derek Salkeld (UK) 

Enterprise Project Governance Series: How to Manage Projects Successfully Across the Organization, Part 12 – Transformation and Change
By Paul Dinsmore (Brazil) and Luiz Rocha (Brazil) 

IPMA Education & Training Series: The Iron Triangle Under Threat
By Ed Naughton (Ireland) 

Disposable System Development: A New Paradigm for Managing ICT Projects in the Innovation Age, Part 2 – How to Manage Projects Today and Tomorrow
By Prof Hubert Vaughan (China)

Advisory Articles

Ten Obstacles that Prevent Positive Transformation and How to Overcome Them
By Chris Majer (USA) 

Managing Stakeholders: Going beyond conventional wisdom
By Omar Muhammad (UAE) and Abid Mustafa (UAE) 

Blurred Lines: Setting Healthy Boundaries at Work
By Van Moody (USA) 

Great Project Managers facilitate SMALL choices
By Jeroen De Flander (Nederland) 

Successful Change: Good Implementation is only a Third of the Equation
By Marge Combe (USA) 

Agile Steps to Impress your Client with Killer Demos!
By Brian VanderJack (USA) and Charles Sprague (USA) 


Healthcare.gov – Obama Website Project: A Retrospective
By Donald Hammons (USA) 

Social Fund Raising: Adopting Project Management Best Practices
By Eyitayo Ogunmola (Nigeria) 

Project Management and Developing our Future Generations
By Mark Reeson (UK) 


Interview with IPMA Vice President Stacy Goff
By Ivy Elizabeth Bai (China) 

Student Papers

The Role of Project Management Training in Determining Project Success
By Milcah G. Muriuki (Kenya)

Second Editions 

Where to look when requirements do not exist in today’s software projects
By Prof Hubert Vaughan (China) 

A Transformational Change at IBM
By Susan Bivens (USA) 

Beyond the Iron Triangle: Year Zero
By Andrea Caccamese (Italy) and Damiano Bragantini (Italy) 

Project Selection in Large Engineering Construction Programs
By Bob Prieto (USA) 

Blow up the Iron Triangle – Rethinking Software Project Approaches and Goals to Increase Business Value
By Jeffrey Davidson (USA) 


Project Management Update from Douala – Conference on ‘Project Management Industry and its Opportunities in Cameroon’
By Marie Eliane Ndjib (Cameroon)

Project Management in Spain: Monthly Report
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain)

UK Project Management Roundup
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

Projects and Project Management in Germany
By Reinhard Wagner (Germany)

Project Management Update from Buenos Aires
By Cecilia Boggi (Argentina)

Book Reviews

Agile Software Requirements: Lean Requirements Practices for Teams, Programs and the Enterprise (Addison-Wesley)
By Dean Leffingwell
Reviewed by James Ure, PhD, PMP (USA)

PgMP® Exam Practice Test and Study Guide, 4th Ed and PgMP® Exam Challenge (Auerbach)
By Ginger Levin, PhD and J. LeRoy Ward, PMP
Reviewed by Kevin Gilliam, PMP (USA)

An Introduction to Supply Chain Management (Business Expert Press)
By Edmund Prater and Kim Whitehead
Reviewed by Jack Gao (USA)

Quality Tools for Managing Construction Projects
By Abdul Razzak Rumane, PhD
Reviewed by Wayne Bullard (USA)

Business Leadership for IT Projects (Gower)
By Gary Lloyd
Reviewed by Diane Johnson Morris (USA) 

Performance Acceleration Management (CRC)
By H. James Harrington
Reviewed by Vijaykumar Kancharla (USA) 


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