Volume II, Issue 11 – November 2013

In This Edition

Welcome to the November Edition of the PM World Journal
By David Pells, Managing Editor 

Featured Papers

Cloud Center of Excellence Implementation: An Economic Expansion Catalyst for Emerging Economies
By Helen Ching (Canada) and Donald Hammons (USA) 

Unlocking a Project Team’s High Performance Potential using Cognitive Readiness: A Research Report and Call to Action
By Russell Archibald, (Mexico/USA); Ivano Di Filippo (Italy); Daniele Di Filippo (Italy); Shane Archibald (USA) 

Establishing Project Requirements of a Local Healthcare System in Cameroon
By Mario Kossman, PhD (Germany/UK) 

Simulation Based Training – The Next Generation of Project Management Training
By Prof Avraham Shtub, PhD (Israel) 

Communication and Contacts in Massively Interconnected Systems, Part 3 – Theory of Connectivity Functions, Group Characteristics of Connectedness and Rent’s Rule
By Pavel Barseghyan, PhD (Armenia/USA) 

Adequacy of Builders’ Risk Insurance Policy in Nigeria Building Industry
By Adeleke Jacob Sola (Nigeria); Taiwo Arowojolu-Alagwe (Nigeria); Esan Martins Taiwo (Nigeria) & Buari Tirimisiyu Abiodun (Nigeria) 

Utilization of Project Sentiment Analysis as a Project Performance Predictor
By Bob Prieto (USA)

Series Articles

Enterprise Project Governance Series: How to Manage Projects Successfully Across the Organization, Part 11 – Performance Based EPG
By Paul Dinsmore (Brazil) and Luiz Rocha (Brazil) 

Risk Doctor Briefing: Using the “Six Value Medals” to Identify and Assess Risk
By Dr. David Hillson (UK) 

IPMA Education & Training Series: Best E&T Papers from 27th World Congress
By Prof John-Paris Pantouvakis, PhD (Greece) & Dr. Jesús Martínez Almela (Spain) 

Disposable System Development: A New Paradigm for Managing ICT Projects in the Innovation Age, Part 1 – How Business Changed PM Practice
By Prof Hubert Vaughan (China)

Advisory Articles

11 Common Mistakes that new or young Project Managers make
By Dr. Harold Kerzner (USA) 

How Professionals Can Break Through the Menacing ‘Middle Mile’
By Daniel C. Steenerson (USA) 

Trust, Credibility and Relationships: the Secret Sauce for the Successful PMO
By Ahmad Iqbal (USA) 

Six Silent Killers of Productivity and Profitability
By Chris Majer (USA) 

Effective Project Management of Virtual Teams
By Natasha Nuells (USA) 

Mastering the Art of Healthy Business Relationships: 10 Don’ts that Destroy Life-Changing Connections at Work
By Van Moody (USA) 

If you can change you will see how others can change
By Alfonso Bucero (Spain) 


The PMO in an Agile World – challenges and opportunities for the PMO leader
By Buck Kulkarni (USA) 

Accepting the Moniker of SME: The Onus of Experience
By Rebecca Winston (USA) 

A note on management integration in project contexts
By Alan Stretton (Australia) 

The Emperor’s New Website
By Sharon Hernstein (USA)


Interview with IPMA President Mladen Radujkovic
By Ivy Elizabeth Bai (China) 

Interview with the President of IPMA Young Crew Dr. Daniel Collado-Ruiz
By Ivy Elizabeth Bai (China)

Case Studies

Stakeholder C.P.R. – Crisis Project Rescue
By Frances Crossno (USA) and Carrie Weeks (USA) 

Student Papers

Competencies of an Effective Project Manager
By Natasha Narh (South Africa)

Fiction / Works of Art

What Boundaries? A Play about Project Management in Four Dimensions
By Dr. Martin Barnes (UK)

Second Editions

Stakeholders Aren’t Always Right: Lessons from ‘Argo’
By Zelda Jones (USA) and Tracey Bell (USA) 

Managing Product R&D with Open Innovation: The Value of Project Management Practice
By Prof Hubert Vaughan (China) 

Lean Agile for Project & Portfolio Management Efficiency
By Sethu Kalyanakrishnan (USA) 

Beyond the Iron Triangle: Year One
By Andrea Caccamese (Italy) and Damiano Bragantini (Italy) 

Practical Guide and Holistic Approach to Engaging Stakeholders in Project Portfolio Management
By Huma Sohrwardy (USA) 

A Team-Based Approach to Continuous Improvement in Program, Project and Portfolio Management – The U.S. Government’s Global Threat Reduction Initiative
By Russell Archibald (Mexico/USA), Wayne Abba (USA), David Pells (USA), Miles Shepherd (UK) and Marc Zocher (USA) 


Report on IPMA Council of Delegates Meeting in Croatia
By Jouko Vaskimo (Finland) 

Report on IPMA World Congress in Dubrovnik
By Jouko Vaskimo (Finland) 

IPMA World Congress Report
By Gordana Blazevic (Croatia)

Report from IPMA Young Crew Workshop in Dubrovnik
By Martina Pavlovic (Croatia)

IPMA Recognises Excellence in Project Management – Report from IPMA Excellence Awards 2013
By Ewa Bednarczyk (Poland) 

Project Management Report from Belo Horizonte
By Manuel Carvalho da Silva Neto (Brazil)

Project Management Update from Nigeria – 5th ProMaCon Nigerian National Project Management Conferences Successfully Concludes in Lagos
By Taopheek Babayeju (Nigeria)

Project Management Report from Milan
By Luca Cavone (Italy)

Project Management Report from Haiti – A Report on United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) in Haiti
By Shailesh Nepal (Port-au-Prince, Haiti)

Project Management Update from Buenos Aires
By Cecilia Boggi (Argentina)

Project Management Update from Douala – Institutionalising Project Management in Cameroun
By Marie Eliane Ndjib (Cameroon)

UK Project Management Roundup
By Miles Shepherd (UK)

Two New IPMA Fellows – Ed Naughton and Bob Youker
By Editorial Staff

IPMA allows Projects to celebrate achievements
 Ewa Bednarczyk (Poland) and Alan Tupicoff (Australia)

Book Reviews

The Expanded and Annotated My Life and Work: Henry Ford’s Universal Code for World-Class Success (CRC)
By Henry Ford, Samuel Crowther and William A. Levinson (USA)
Reviewed by Nazanin Mehrooz (USA)

Emotional Intelligence for Project Managers, 2nd Ed. (AMACOM)
By Anthony Mersino, PMP
Reviewed by John Chico (USA)

What Keeps Leaders up at Night: Recognizing and Resolving Your Most Troubling Management Issues (AMACOM)
By Nicole Lipkin
Reviewed by Stephen Rojak (USA)

Wingtips with Spurs (Cowboy Wisdom for Today’s Business Leaders) (Multi-Media)
By Michael L. Gooch
Reviewed by Michelle Hesler (USA)

Disney U: How Disney University Develops the World’s Most Engaged, Loyal and Customer-Centric Employees (McGraw-Hill)
By Doug Lipp
Reviewed by Tasha Johnson (USA) 

Business Architecture: A Practical Guide (Gower)
By Jonathan Whelan and Graham Meaden
Reviewed by Larry L. Johnson (USA) 

Project Management Metrics, KPIs and Dashboards –  A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance, 2nd Ed (Wiley)
By Harold Kerzner, PhD
Reviewed by Peter Lee (USA) 


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