Vertabase Identifies 2015 Project Management Trends



Emphasis on Global Sharing of Project Reports and Processing of Project Data

30 January 2015 – Farmington Hills, MI, USA – According to US-based project management software company Vertabase, key findings from the latest PwC report on Insights and Trends: Current Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Practices have set the tone for project management trends in 2015. As Vertabase releases its latest version of its project management software, it is evident that 2015 is the year of communication transparency across cross-functional, dispersed and/or multi-cultural teams.

150130-pmwj31-2015-IMAGE“As companies compete in the global marketplace, they need tools that will make it easier to coordinate and update all parties involved in a project, whether within the company or external to it, such as independent contractors, vendors and customers,” explains Mark Phillips (pictured), PMP, Principal at Vertabase. “Likewise, they need tools that are compatible for use by remote colleagues scattered across the globe in different time zones, cultures and languages using various desktop and mobile devices to access information and collaborate on it accordingly.”

One key finding of the report is that poor communication is among the top six project performance factors that are responsible for 78% of project failures. Vertabase 5.6 enhances communications to anyone involved in a project with its Send PDF to Anyone feature. It allows for the updating of project task details, the sharing of project status reports and the reporting of overall project performance to be shared via e-mail sent directly from the Vertabase platform as PDF attachments, regardless of whether the recipient has a Vertabase account. Working in tandem with the Send PDF feature is the Schedule PDF Sent to Anyone feature that allows project team members to schedule regular delivery of reports and select its frequency.

“A contributing factor to poor communication on a project is the many different tools used on the same project to generate and access project information. With this new version, Vertabase set out to address geographic distribution by creating a tool that is compatible for use by all those involved in a particular project so sharing of information is seamless and consistent, creating one communication channel for all,” notes Phillips.

A compatible communication method is also essential for report creation to allow for flexibility in processing, formatting, printing and sharing project data. Vertabase 5.6 addresses this with its Raw Data Export, Report Export Options and My Reports features. Project-related data is exported in unformatted CSV so it is compatible with common external programs, such as spreadsheets and databases, while allowing for customized data layout and the ability to generate different views of the data.

Poor communication also extends to project reports, but in 2015, expect more intuitive data reporting tools. Budget expense reports, status reports, time logs, risk inventory reports, progress reports on key performance indicators and executive summaries are among the standard reports generated for a project. In order to communicate this information in a way that is valuable to its recipients, the report creator needs the proper tools to customize the data accordingly.

“People use data in different ways. The new data and report export tools in Vertabase 5.6 are intuitive, so recipients can combine data from other Vertabase reports into one, import the report data into Google spreadsheets for different views, or import data into Excel® for cross-report spreadsheets or other customizations of data formatting and output,” Phillips points out.

As 2015 unfolds, expect advancements in project management to focus on communications so that projects and project reporting become streamlined and fully integrated into all aspects of the business, regardless of where its employees and third-party contractors are located. In doing so, a project’s performance will no longer fail because of poor communication or data fragmentation.

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