USP Attracts 300 students to project management curricula


5 February 2013 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – PM World has learned that the project management education program in the FIA- Fundacao Instituto de Administracao at the University of Sao Paulo is off to a robust start in 2013.  According to Prof Roberto Sbragia, FIA Program Coordinator, “we have about 300 students enrolled in different courses, that are also performed in-company.”

Fundacao Instituto de AdministracaoFIA was created more than10 years ago with a set of PM courses that had been re-organized, consolidated, and integrated in an educational program based on one of the most recognized models of competence in Project Management (ICB-IPMA Competence Baseline).

The program presents the following advantages:

  • As an approach based on ascendant competencies, it respects the professional maturity of each student, since from the more basic aspects to the more strategic ones;
  • The  modular program allows participants to plan their studies in an integrated way. So, it offers the possibility for one to plan a career in a medium and large run, accumulating knowledge from one stage to another;
  • Flexibility, once the professionals can choose the course that better fits their needs at a given moment.

“The domain of knowledgement of our educational model is founded on the career plan of each potential participant”, says Prof. Sbragia.

Differently from other existing courses, education on PM at FIA, due to its roots  at the Management Department of FEA/USP- Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and Accountancy of University of São Paulo and its strong linkage with corporations, has an objective of contributing to the capacity  and development of high level managers, with an excellent background and able to deal with projects successfully, from initiating to conclusion phases, at different levels and perspectives in their organizations.

For details, visit: http://www.fia.com.br/ConhecaFIA/programas/pgt/gestaoProjetos/Paginas/gestaoProjetos.aspx


Or contact Prof Sbragia at [email protected]