Update on IPMA’s Project Excellence Program for the USA



1 May 2016 – Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA – IPMA-USA Director of Standards, Meg Infiorati, reports on the first US Project Excellence Baseline® (PEB) workshop, in Detroit Michigan, on April 10-12th, 2016.

160501-pmwj46-ipma-IMAGE1To bring the International Project Management Association (IPMA®) standards to the United States, facilitators from Poland and the Netherlands joined with the United States facilitator to deliver their insights about this exciting, updated PEB standard. Attendees representing five countries, USA, Canada, Greece, Guatemala and Peru, joined in the workshop.

The PEB, one of many IPMA project and organizational Standards used extensively around the world, was developed by the International Project Management Association for several purposes:

  • First, trained individuals in organizations use it to assess their range of projects for excellence. This supports the goal of continuous Portfolio, Program, and Project performance improvement.
  • The Second use of the enhanced assessment process, launched with the Detroit training, is to prepare organizations to enter national project excellence competitions, such as the one held within the United States and hosted by IPMA-USA. To read more about the award process please visit http://www.ipma-usa.org/awards.
  • Third, global organizations use the Project Excellence Baseline in deciding to apply, for their top projects, for the International Project Management Project Excellence Awards. The Excellence Awards evaluations happen every year, and winners receive their awards at the IPMA World Congresses. Last year’s awards program was in Panama, with attendees from more than 80 nations; ten Award-Winning teams received their Project Excellence Awards. This year, IPMA member associations host Regional Congresses October 16, in Sydney, Australia, and November 17, in Warsaw, Poland. The next World Congress will be Kazakhstan in 2017.

For more information on the IPMA-USA Project Excellence Baseline, or the Project Excellence Awards program, please visit www.ipma-usa.org/awards (for USA activities), or www.ipma.world/awards (for global activities). Or, you can contact IPMA-USA’s Director of Standards, Meg Infiorati, at http://www.ipma-usa.org/contact-director-of-standards.

160501-pmwj46-IPMA-USA LOGOFounded in 2001, IPMA-USA is a member-driven, not-for-profit USA professional association, formed to meet the unfilled needs of today’s Program and Project Managers, stakeholders, and their Enterprises. We offer advanced, professionally assessed certifications, an oranizational performance improvement assessment standard, and a website filled with thought-leader articles and blog posts. As the USA member of the International Project Management Association, the world’s first project management professional association, we work with over sixty other global professional associations to accomplish our Vision: A World where all projects succeed! More at http://www.ipma-usa.org/

For more information about IPMA, please visit http://www.ipma.ch/.

Source: IPMA-USA