Understanding Project Management by Gary Shaw



New book from Kogan Page offers practical approach to managing international projects

16 July 2015 – London, UK and Philadelphia, PA, USA – Understanding Project Management: Skills and Insights for Successful Project Delivery by Gary Shaw is a new book published by Kogan Page in the UK and available worldwide. The book takes an applied approach to the study of project management, carefully balancing reflective practice and methodology necessary for successful deployment of tools and techniques in the real world.

150716-pmwj37-Shaw-BOOKIncluding plenty of practical examples as well as contemporary real-world case studies, it takes a unique approach to the study of project management with an emphasis on international aspects and dilemmas that are increasingly common in the contemporary world. With a host of features to encourage reflection and reinforce learning, it is the ideal complement for independent or classroom study on a range of business courses.

This textbook helps managers understand project management, develop perspectives in application, and, through reflection, enables them to develop a project management capability, at an individual, organization or project level. The content throughout is guided by practice, making this an essential read for anyone wishing to make a success of the project management role.

Gary Straw delivers project management modules on MBA and Masters and management development schemes for business schools in the UK and Eastern Europe as well as development schemes for various professional bodies including the Institute of Leadership and Management and the Chartered Management Insitute. His professional experience and insights into project management have developed through working within a number of private and public sector organisations, delivering projects in a range of market sectors.

More about the book at http://www.koganpageusa.com/product/Understanding-Project-Management,2641.aspx?tab=books

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