Two major conferences about management simulations



Reported by Rüdiger Geist in Zurich

24 July 2017 – Zurich, Switzerland – Two major conferences have occurred in Europe related to management simulations, including many project management simulations, which might be of interest to those involved with management training services and technologies.

48th ISAGA world conference July 2017 in Delft, The Netherlands

ISAGA is the International Simulation and Gaming Association, founded in 1970. The primary mission of ISAGA is to establish a serious and fruitful scientific discussion and to prove that gaming simulation is effective. Later, several additional associations were founded that cooperate closely with ISAGA (e.g. Japan-based JASAG; SAGANET in the Netherlands; SAGSAGA in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, etc.).

Five days
full of keynotes, workshops, gaming sessions and social activities, where participants from all over the world gave insight to their work, also related to project management topics.


31st European Simulation and Gaming Forum in June 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany on “Simulation Games – Designing Interaction”

This forum is the largest manufacturers’ independent conference for Simulation and Gaming. Taking place every two years, this forum wants to show the variety of simulation games methodology and future developments. Also, the forum wants to get gamers an opportunity to meet and talk about possible further applications.

Together with the conference, the “German Simulation And Gaming Award” is presented for outstanding final theses on the subject of simulation games. This year a thesis about project management simulations won the second price. Bettina Schedler from the University of Applied Sciences in Dornbirn, Austria developed a criteria catalogue for the selection of project management simulations.