Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership – new book by Ranjit Sidhu published by Multi-Media Publications


17 September 2012 – Oshawa, Ontario, Canada – A new leadership book, Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership: Effective Communication and Team Building, has been written by Ranjit Sidhu, Director at ChangeQuest, the APMG accredited training company for the Change Management Practitioner qualification. The book has been published by Multi-Media Publications and is available from Amazon and all leading book retailers. A part of Mark Kozak-Holland’s acclaimed ‘Lessons from History’ series, the book uses the Titanic story to illustrate a range of management models, tools, and insights that are relevant to project and change managers today.

Titanic Lessons in Project Leadership by Ranjit Sidhu, shows how ‘small’ and easily-overlooked behavioural and communication issues can build into serious errors that can have a massive impact on a project. Explaining why she was driven to write this book, Ranjit Sidhu explains: “When faced with challenging deadlines, it’s easy to be caught up with ensuring that tasks are completed and checklists are ticked.

This will most likely be at the expense of having difficult conversations with stakeholders and customers, who ultimately determine whether the project is a success or failure. This book is a light read, but excellent background material to support the Change Management Practitioner qualification syllabus.”

The book focuses on the key stakeholders, power dynamics, underlying perceptions, communications, leadership and team interactions within the Titanic story. It looks ‘behind the scenes’ to reveal the aspects of human communication and leadership that could make a vital difference to projects today.

Mark Kozak-Holland, founder of the Lessons from History series, comments that “Ranjit highlights common issues that perennially occur at key points in projects – stakeholder alignment and expectations, agreement over requirements, conflicts over project direction, design compromises, and corner cutting. She provides important tools and practices for effective leadership that help resolve issues, save face, and still keep the project going. The book is written in a simple, direct style, with good illustrations that make it very engaging and practical for a working project manager. I enjoyed reading it, and will use it often as a reference.”

Ranjit Sidhu has over 20 years’ business experience gained on global projects spanning Europe, North America and Africa. She is an accredited trainer for APMG’s Change Management Practitioner, Agile Project Management and PRINCE2® qualifications, and she is a certified trainer of NLP, and an Assessor for the APM Practitioner.

Ranjit set up ChangeQuest in 2005 to help individuals and organisations achieve the right balance between project management processes and the people skills needed to manage change in an agile and adaptive way. ChangeQuest’s training and consultancy combine project management, change management and NLP expertise, with the latest insights from business psychology.

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Titanic Lesson in Project Leadership: Effective Communication and Team Building;  by Ranjit Sidhu; published by Multi-Media Publications, April 2012, 152 pages, soft cover, ISBN 9781554891207; List price = $24.95, e-Book $14.95; For more information, go to


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