Think . . . and Win Bids, Says New PMWJ Series Contributor


25 February 2013 –  “Think and Win Bids” is both the admonition of PM World Journal’s newest Series contributor (beginning with the March 2013 edition) and also the title of her latest book.

think-and-win-bidsAustralasian-based bid strategist, writer and coach, Jordan Kelly, is a prolific author – both on the broad-ranging topics of bid strategy and writing, and also on new developments in infrastructure contract types and related issues.

Kelly’s new release – Think and Win Bids:  Winning High-Value, High-Stakes Bids through Superior Questioning, Listening & Thinking Skills – features numerous infrastructure case studies and references.

The book coaches readers in the three fundamental skills possessed by a genuinely sharp and sustainably successful bid / proposal / tender professional i.e. the ability to think, listen and ask quality questions.

Kelly writes:  “The capacity and willingness for a pursuit leader to think . . . deeply, logically, strategically and client-centrically is a key differentiator between those who can sustain a high win rate and provide much-needed leadership in new business endeavours, and those who flounder in such a role. 

“A bid leader must know how to acquire – and be able to guide his or her team in acquiring – a genuinely deep understanding of a project owner, the world in which it operates, its intended procurement, and the all-important backdrop against which that procurement is being made.” 

The book – along with a range of other titles she has written to help up-skill the industry in this critical area – is available at her website:  www.bidstrategist.com