The Times’ first report on Project Management available for Download


8 July 2013 – London, UK – The Association for Project Management (APM) has announced that The Times’ first 16-page special report on project management is available for reading or downloading at http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n19009672.  APM editorial and branding was featured in the report, which was published in the centre of the business section of the national newspaper on Monday 8th July 2013.

apmReaching 1.3 million readers the report champions the power of project management as a strategic implementation at all levels of business. It explores the importance of project management in consistently delivering business results and in staying ahead of the pack in today’s competitive and chaotic global economy.

Whilst the discipline of project management matures and the tool kits available become ever more sophisticated powered by leading-edge software, the first edition of this special series looks at why there are still high-profile projects failing, and what the profession can do to side step them once and for all.

This editorial platform presents a great opportunity for APM chairman Mike Nichols to explain the idea behind the association’s ambitious vision of creating a world in which all projects succeed. It will be the second time this year that APM has featured in a special report in the national press. Back in April APM supported the Daily Telegraph’s special project management edition of The Business Reporter.

Read the online version today to find out about the changing culture of the profession that could dramatically aid business success all through leading editorial, expert industry voice, case studies, interviews, round table discussions and in-depth analysis.  As originally seen in ‘Project Management’ published by Raconteur Media on Monday 8th July 2013 in The Times. http://np.netpublicator.com/netpublication/n19009672

Founded in 1972, the APM is a registered charity in the UK with around 19,500 individual and 500 corporate members.  APM’s mission is: “To develop and promote the professional disciplines of project and programme management for the public benefit.”   The APM is dedicated to the development of professional project, programme and portfolio management across all sectors of industry and beyond. APM, with branches throughout the UK and in Hong Kong, is the UK national representative in the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  More information at http://www.apm.org.uk

Source: Association for Project Management