The Lazy Project Manager – Peter Taylor – to educate and entertain on 5 December in Exeter, UK


Reported by Miles Shepherd in UK

9 November 2012 – Salisbury, UK – Peter Taylor, aka The Lazy Project Manager, will explain that art of productive laziness on 5 December, 2012 in Devon to members of the APM South Wales and West of England Branch.  The two-hour event will be in conference room 1 at the Met Office, Fitzroy Road, Exeter, Devon, UK and is FREE to APM members.  Information at http://www.apm.org.uk/event/lazy-project-manager-5.

The session will cover the definition of productive laziness, the science behind the theory and some personal learning experiences that led to the creation of “The Lazy Project Managers”.  The audience will consider three key project stages, one of which the “lazy’ project manager works very hard in; by the second they should be in the enviable position of enjoying the ‘comfy chair’, safe in the knowledge that the project is well under control.  Special focus will be placed on the third phase, project closure, which can be completed so much better with very little effort but with a significant value add for all ‘would be’ lazy project managers.

Peter Taylor, PMO director at Siemens in the UK, is the author of the books: “The Lazy Project Manager”, “The Lazy Winner”, “The Lazy Project Manager and the Project from Hell”, and “Leading Successful PMOs” (Gower).  Peter is a dynamic and commercially astute professional who has achieved notable successful project management.

His background is in project management and marketing across three major business areas over the last 17 years, with the last 8 years leading PMOs.  He is also an accomplished communicator and speaker, workshop trainer and consultant – specialized in PMO coaching.

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Source: Association for Project Management