Gilles Caupin

Global Advisor – Project Management Profession


Founder – AFITEP, SMAP (France)
Hon Fellow – PMA (India), AIPM (Australia)
Former President & Chair, Fellow – IPMA

Treuzy Levelay, France

Gilles Caupin is former President and Chair of the International Project Management Association (IPMA).  He is one of the founders and a past-President of the French project management association AFITEP, past-Chairman and Distinguished International Fellow of the International Cost Engineering Council (ICEC), past-Chair and Honorary Fellow of the International Project Management Association (IPMA), and past-Chair of the Global Project Management Forum initiative. Mr. Caupin is a Certified Cost Engineer from AFITEP (ICEC system), a lifetime member of the American Association of Cost Engineers International (AACEI), a former member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®) (Member N° 6558), a founding member of the first PMI Chapter in France, a member of the American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (asapm), a founding member of AFITEP and SMAP in France, an Honorary Member of APOGEP (Portugal), and an honorary Fellow of PMA (India) and AIPM (Australia).  He is presently first assessor and international validator for several IPMA certification bodies, and has played a leadership role (as a member and chairman of the Certification Validation Management Board) in the development of the IPMA Certification System since 1994.  Gilles Caupin has over 40 years of experience in projects and project management, in a variety of fields and industries. Mr. Caupin has a diploma in Electrical Engineering from the Ecole Centrale de Lille in Paris.  He has owned his own consulting practice, Caupin Consultants, for many years and, although currently semi-retired, is available for short assignments. Gilles has presented papers, speeches and workshops on project management around the world for the last twenty years and is widely recognized as one of the leaders in the world of professional project management.  Gilles can be contacted at [email protected].