A systematic look at major programmes in UK



National Audit Office highlights new framework to review major programmes in latest blog post

10 October 2017 – London, UK – The UK’s National Audit Office has featured its new “Framework to review programmes” in its latest blog post.  According to the NAO post:

“Major programmes are expensive, high profile and carry great uncertainties and risks. For most government bodies, undertaking a major programme will involve doing something new, with relatively little organisational experience. Many fall short of their objectives, in terms of cost and/or outcomes. So it’s not surprising that they are the focus of many NAO reports – about 100 since 2010.

Our new Framework to review programmes shows the questions we typically ask, and brings together many of our recent findings. We hope it will show what we are looking for and what we expect to see when we examine major programmes.

Our reports illustrate how risky programmes can be. If they’re innovative, those risks are higher, and it’s harder to learn from past experience. If they’re complex they are affected by many unpredictable factors. And the scale of challenge is increasing as government bodies support major new infrastructure projects, introduce new technology and reorganise to make the most of scarce resources as well as implementing the changes necessary as a result of leaving the European Union.

We tend to look at the biggest and riskiest programmes at key points during their life, or when a particular event prompts a review. Our examinations may seek to address different questions depending on the context, but our Framework to review programmes sets out 18 key questions that are likely to be important, with links to examples from our past work and to further more detailed guidance on specific issues.”

Much more at https://www.nao.org.uk/naoblog/a-systematic-look-at-major-programmes/

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Source: National Audit Office