Successful Program Management: Complexity Theory, Communication, and Leadership


New book by Wanda Curlee and Robert Lee Gordon goes beyond program management standards to address macro and micro issues facing program managers 

18 November 2013 – CRC Press has announced the publication of a new book titled Successful Program Management: Complexity Theory, Communication, and Leadership, by Wanda Curlee and Robert Lee Gordon. This new book, published in October through Auerbach Publications, identifies the best leadership types for complex program environments. It goes beyond what is currently available in program management standards to outline powerful solutions to the macro and micro program issues facing program managers.

131118-pmwj17-curlee-gordon-IMAGEAccording to the CRC release: The book describes practical complexity theory techniques for establishing clear and effective communications in a virtual environment. It explains what it takes to communicate strategically to all parties involved and addresses the communication issues common to most programs, including stakeholder communication, project team communication, and shareholder communication.

The information presented in this book is supported by peer review research. Each section includes a case study, section quiz, and discussion questions to reinforce learning. The book includes numerous tools, templates, and techniques that can be helpful to the seasoned program manager as well as program managers who are leading for the first time.

Clarifying the nuances of complexity theory, the text will help you focus your strategic energies on the right things and arm you and your team with the skills, tools, and techniques needed to succeed in today’s program environment. 

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Successful Program Management: Complexity Theory, Communication, and Leadership; by Wanda Curlee and Robert Lee Gordon; published by Auerbach Publications, © October 2013, 246 pages, hard cover, ISBN 9781466568792; List price = $69.95; For more information, go to http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781466568792

Source: CRC Press