Stacy Goff, Roberto Mori and Tom Taylor recognized as IPMA Honorary Fellows



Reported by Jouko Vaskimo

1 October 2015 – Panama City, Panama – Mr Reinhard Wagner, International Project Management Association (IPMA) President, and Professor Mladen Radujkovic, Chairman of IPMA Council of Delegates (CoD), announced during the 29th IPMA World Congress at Panama City, Panama, on 28th … 30th September 2015 that IPMA CoD has decided to recognize Mr Stacy Goff of American Society for the Advancement of Project Management (asapm, USA), Mr Roberto Mori of Italian Association of Industrial Plant Engineering (ANIMP, Italy), and Mr Tom Taylor of Association for Project Management (APM, UK) as IPMA Honorary Fellows for services and support provided to IPMA, the oldest global project management organization.


In the photograph (from left to right): Mr Stacy Goff, Mr Roberto Mori, and Mr Tom Taylor (photos courtesy Jouko Vaskimo)

Candidates for IPMA Honorary Fellowship are proposed by the IPMA Member Associations, nominated by the IPMA Executive Board, and decided by the IPMA Council of Delegates, the highest decision-making body within IPMA. Only individuals rendering exceptional services for IPMA and/or to the practice or theory of project management are considered for this highest honorary position within IPMA.

Mr Stacy Goff is a project management practitioner since 1970, and project and program management consultant since 1982, his consulting service focusing on improving project and program manager and stakeholder project management competence, as well as project management performance.

His methods improve project responsiveness and effectiveness for all types of organizations, including engineering, information technology, government, consultancies, pharma, defence / aerospace, health services, finance, insurance, and manufacturing. Stacy has a results-oriented approach to project and program management world: He creates excitement for high-quality, on-time, in budget project performance, balanced with lasting business benefits. In his learning experiences, presentations, as well as in consulting, he combines his knowledge of project management with a unique sensitivity for the human aspects of projects.

151001-pmwj39-IPMA-PHOTO2 GOFFStacy Goff is a co-founder of asapm (IPMA USA), and served as Vice President, President, Secretary Treasurer, and Marketing Director of asapm 2000 … 2015, as well as asapm newsletter editor, NCB Editor, and Operations Manager.

He served as the asapm delegate to IPMA Council of Delegates 2004 … 2010, alternate asapm representative to IPMA Certification System Panel 2004 … 2010, and IPMA Vice-President, Marketing and Events 2011 … 2014. In addition to these official roles, Stacy supported IPMA operations in a wide range of different ways over the years he has been active with IPMA.

Stacy co-authored a comprehensive, competitive-practice-oriented 50 page chapter on Project Communication in GPM National Competence Baseline. This revolutionary four-volume reference is used in the advanced, competence-based development and assessment of project and program managers in Germany. It is a standard textbook in Universities, and is the vital reference for IPMA’s advanced range of assessments in Germany. The books are essential for all truly competent practitioners.

Stacy was extremely honoured and happy, however, was without words at the IPMA 50th Anniversary Ceremony, and later commented “Those who know me, know that I am never without words. But to thank all those who have contributed to IPMA’s many important recent initiatives in the practice of program and project management, and those who have contributed to the successes of our own IPMA-USA, would have taken all evening. I chose to save the audience, anxious to end the evening, from my extensive thank you’s, and will complete them elsewhere in the IPMA Family. I will take this opportunity, however, to thank and congratulate Roberto Mori, whom I served on IPMA’s ExBo; to thank Mladen Radujkovic and Reinhard Wagner, his successors as IPMA President, and thank all my associates from 60+ member nations in IPMA’s Council of Delegates, who have worked to Move Project and Business Results Forward during my decade of service. Finally, I congratulate Tom Taylor, whose insight and expertise helped me hugely in my role as IPMA VP of Marketing and Events, and who continues to contribute in his unique style and with his selfless manner; in my mind, Tom is a superstar!”. Mr Goff can be contacted at [email protected] .

151001-pmwj39-IPMA-PHOTO3 MORIMr Roberto Mori, M.Sc. Engineering, has served several functions in project teams, including project manager and project director. He is currently working as Director of Special Projects in Tenova.

Roberto has been leading project, program, and portfolio management practice worldwide for more than 40 years, and has contributed to ANIMP (IPMA Italy) and to IPMA for the last 20 years. He has been in the forefront in consolidating IPMA financial integrity and stability, seeking governance aligned with the new challenges, integrating the association growth with the related increase of differences within the framework of IPMA funding values, increasing IPMA visibility and relevance in all business sectors, promoting IPMA products in addition to 4-LC certification system, consolidating and extending alliances with global organizations, and actively supporting other IPMA Member Associations.

He joined ANIMP in 1991, and became involved in the organization of IPMA 1992 World Congress in Florence. Subsequently he served as a member of the ANIMP marketing working group as it tripled the number of ANIMP corporate members. Since early 2000 he has been a member of the board of the ANIMP project management section, which later became IPMA Italy. He served as the President of ANIMP in 2004 … 2010 and again in 2013 … 2014, and as a member of the ANIMP Board of Directors in 2011 … 2012.

Roberto was the ANIMP delegate to IPMA Council of Delegates in 2004 … 2008, member of the IPMA Awards Management Board in 2007 … 2008, IPMA Vice-President, Membership, Awards and Events in 2009 … 2010, IPMA President in 2011 … 2012, and Chairman of IPMA Council of Delegates in 2013 … 2014. He was also a member of the Organizing Committee and President of the Scientific Committee for the 22nd IPMA World Congress in Rome in 2008. Subsequently he has supported the Organizers of IPMA World Congresses 2009 thru 2012, updated the new IPMA Membership Agreement, and updated and standardized the IPMA World Congress Contract format.

Roberto was extremely honoured and happy with the recognition at the IPMA 50th Anniversary Ceremony, and commented ” The sense of honour I felt on stage cannot be forgotten for several reasons, in addition to the intrinsic value of this special award: its presentation by Reinhard and Mladen, whose professionalism and dedication I have had the privilege to witness in many years of joint efforts in the ExBo; standing together with two inspiring leaders and protagonists in the global PM community as Stacy and Tom, whom I congratulate again; the particular context of the 50th IPMA Anniversary; the humbleness for becoming part of the group of outstanding IPMA Honorary Fellows, some of them I had the privilege to award during my tenure as president. Recalling how much I had admired them on the occasions, it has been a pleasure to address the audience underlining that this honorific award implies a continuing active commitment of mine for the benefit of IPMA. Finally I wish to thank the audience ideally representing also the countless IPMA stakeholders without whose support all the achievements of these years would have not simply been possible”. Mr Mori can be contacted at [email protected] .

151001-pmwj39-IPMA-PHOTO4 TAYLORMr Tom Taylor is a highly respected senior member of the UK and international project management community. While fulfilling a leadership role in Buro Four – the company he jointly founded – he has had a distinguished career in the Association for Project Management (APM – IPMA UK). He is currently developing a further career as author and publisher of management books.

Tom has, among his services to APM, chaired the London branch in 2000 … 2003, served as the previous Chairman of APM in 2004 … 2006 (during which he oversaw a complete re-branding and introduction of radical new governance arrangements known as Retain and Refresh APM), served as the Vice President of APM in 2006 … 2012, and finally President of APM in 2013 … 2015. He has also served APM as previous Executive Board member, Council representative, Branch committee member, joint sponsor of APM Body of Knowledge 5th edition, project manager for the original Branch Standards 2003. He received the APM Sir Monty Finniston Award in 2009 for life time achievement, and the APM President’s Medal in 2007. Tom was elected APM Honorary Fellow in 2009.

He is an excellent communicator and regular speaker at national and international conferences: He has served as a central feature of IPMA World Congresses with his relaxed and witty but highly entertaining style of presentation. He has performed the duties of Master of Ceremonies, facilitator of workshops and tireless supporter in a long chain of IPMA Member Association congresses, as well as IPMA World Congresses. He engages the audience and enlivens many sessions with personal style of presentation. His serious presentations have enabled many people to benefit from his experience. Many IPMA Member Associations are grateful to Tom for his practical help in managing and running events.

Tom has made major contributions to IPMA Young Crew, donating many of his books to enable them to raise funds.

Tom was extremely honoured and happy with the recognition at the IPMA 50th Anniversary Ceremony, and commented “Well! Gosh! This is a very pleasant and most welcome surprise, honour and accolade. I really do appreciate this special award. I felt very pleased and proud to be standing on stage, in Panama at an IPMA World Congress, to publically receive this position alongside Stacy and Roberto – with Reinhard and Mladen in the presentation party. They represent so many who have done so much for project management generally and for IPMA in particular – over the last fifty years and more. It is humbling to join such an elite group of IPMA Honorary Fellows from around the world – including great talent from UK of course. This certificate will have pride of place in my office. I will certainly tell my colleagues, friends and family, although they may know already. But I can tell them again – and again.

This is great news. Thank you so much.” Mr Taylor can be contacted at  [email protected] .

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151001-pmwj39-IPMA-LOGOFounded in 1965 and registered in Switzerland, International Project Management Association (IPMA) is the oldest global project management professional organization. IPMA is an international federation of more than 60 national project management societies in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. IPMA annual World Congress is one of the largest and most important gatherings of project management authorities and leaders each year. The president of IPMA for 2015, 2016, and 2017 is Mr Reinhard Wagner. For further information please navigate to http://www.ipma.ch/ .

Jouko Vaskimo ([email protected]) – text and photos – reporting from Panama City for PM World Journal.