Saya Askarova in Kazakhstan completes research internship for PM World Library



Project management student at Kazakh-British Technical University in Almaty completes research internship for PM World Library

20 July 2016 – Dallas, TX, USA and Almaty, Kazakhstan – PM World has announced that Ms Saya Askarova has completed her project management research internship for the PM World Library (PMWL). Saya began her internship in late February and completed the program on 15 July 2016. See her intern profile and research results at https://pmworldjournal.net/saya-askarova/

 160212 - Saya Askarova 250x croppedSaya Askarova is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Supply Chain and Project Management at Kazakh-British Technical University (KBTU) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. She holds a BS degree in Economics. During her studies at Sejong University (Seoul, South Korea), as part of her BS exchange program, she contributed to establishing educational partnership projects between the two countries. Besides her studies, Saya is engaged as a manager with the KBTU in delivering recruitment and networking projects and initiatives.

The PMWL project management research program offers project management students the opportunity to conduct research and identify new resources for the library in exchange for recognition, visibility, five years of free access to the library, and introductions to others around the world. To learn more about this program and the dynamic students who are participating, go to https://pmworldjournal.net/university-interns/

According to David Pells, PMWL managing director, “Ms Askarova provided some very interesting resources for the library, including information about a number of mega projects underway in her country, in the mining, transportation and public sectors. ”

Saya stated, “I found the internship experience with pm world library very useful. I discussed it with Professor Narbaev on several occasions and with friends at school. I encourage project management students everywhere to look into the program.”

Pells added, “Saya contributed resources on a very regular basis, moving through the program in 18 weeks. She was very efficient and her reports were excellent. As our first intern from Kazakhstan, she also helped us learn more about projects and project management there. I want to thank her again for her research and contributions.”

In addition to visibility and credit for their contributions, interns receive a Certificate of Completion and Letter of Recommendation on successful completion. To learn more, go to http://pmworldlibrary.net/students/ and scroll down to internships. Interested students, professors or university representatives can contact [email protected].

In addition to the research internships, all students can receive two years of free PMWL membership. Go to http://pmworldlibrary.net/who-gets-free-basic-access/ or contact [email protected]

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