Research Papers on Megaprojects invited for special edition of the Project Management Journal



Megaprojects – Symbolic and Sublime: An organizational theory perspective

7 August 2015 – Sydney, Australia and Oslo, Norway – Project management researchers and authors are invited to submit papers for a special issue of The Project Management Journal focusing on an investigation of megaprojects as symbols. Flyvbjerg identifies four causes or “sublimes” that seduce decision makers to undertake megaprojects. We would like authors to submit papers about megaprojects that can be considered as symbols in these four sublimes—political, technological, economical, and aesthetic. We also want authors to take an organizational theory perspective in their papers.

150807-pmwj38-pmj-megaprojects-IMAGEGuest Editors are Professor Jonas Söderlund, Department of Leadership and Organizational Behaviour, Norwegian Business School, Oslo, Norway; Professor Shankar Sankaran, Organizational Project Management, School of the Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney, Australia and Dr. Christopher Biesenthal, Senior Lecturer, Construction Project Management, School of the Built Environment, University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Questions that might be addressed in the papers are:

  • What sense-making or social construction practices were used to authorize or sanction symbolic megaprojects? In the past and at present?
  • What changes did these projects undergo that made them deviate from this original intent? What role did stakeholders play in influencing the intent?
  • What roles did power and politics play in conceiving and making changes to these projects as they were being built?
  • What methods can we use to understand symbolic megaprojects from an organizational theory/studies perspective?
  • Do modern symbolic megaprojects differ in the ways they are conceived, implemented, and delivered from older megaprojects?

The list of questions is not exhaustive. Submissions are welcome that address questions beyond those listed as long as they contribute to a richer understanding of these symbolic megaprojects within the scope of this special issue. Submission Due Date: An extended abstract of 2,000 words, including a tentative title, aim, and nature of the submission (conceptual or empirical) should be submitted to one of the editors by the end of December 2015 for consideration.

See attached call for papers here. The editors are planning to publish the issue in 2016 and not 2017 as mentioned in the call for papers which is being revised.

For answers to questions or to submit an abstract for the special edition, contact [email protected].

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