How are your Publicly Funded Projects Managed?


International survey on management of public projects underway – participants to receive survey results & opportunity to win a free book

15 June 2013 – Warsaw, Poland – Important international research on the management of public projects is now underway, led by Stanislaw Gasik, PhD, PMP, Adjunct Professor, Vistula University. Dr. Gasik is a significant contributor to PMBOK® Guide and PMI Standard for Program Management, as well as other international standards. Dr. Gasik is inviting employees or contractors of public organizations to participate in a survey to capture a general picture of the status of public project management in various countries.  The survey will feed broader research aimed at improving the way public projects are implemented.

140615-pmwj24-gasic-IMAGEThe survey is addressed to public sector workers engaged in projects implementation as well as to private sector employees working on public projects. Filling in this questionnaire will take about 15 minutes. To take the survey, just click here.

The questions of the survey are structured in accordance with a model of public projects management under development, so filling in the questions will provide another benefit: learning some assumptions about this model. Survey participants may also declare interest in participating in additional research on this important topic.

Public projects are one of the main tools for development in every country. They consume more and more funds. Billions of dollars are spent on public projects in infrastructure, IT and other areas. A significant part of their budget is misspent. This survey is a part of research aiming to improve the way public projects are implemented.

Participants can win a project management book

Survey will be registered to win a free book on public sector project management! The first book is Public-Sector Project Management: Meeting the Challenges and Achieving Results, written by David W. Wirick and published by Wiley and PMI in 2009. The second book is Public Sector Projects: A Strategic Framework for Success in an Era of Downsized Government, written by David S. Kassel and published by CRC Press in 2010. Three copies of each book will be awarded to winners chosen from those taking the survey and providing contact information.

For any additional information, contact Dr. Stanislaw Gasik at [email protected].