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Project management and change management integration inspires latest services.

20 January 2015 – Loveland, Colorado, USA – In response to a growing trend of project management integrating with change management, Prosci has launched a training solution intended for project managers looking to apply change management to project initiatives. The on-site, four-hour training is specifically geared toward project managers, enabling them to successfully achieve project objectives by applying change management tools.

150120-pmwj31-new-IMAGEWith a client roster that includes two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies, Prosci is a leader in guiding businesses and organizations to improve their competitive advantage by building internal change capabilities. With the largest body of knowledge and research available, Prosci has developed onsite trainings, books and an online product portal to help companies manage and understand the people side of change.

Recent studies show 71 percent of project managers are integrating change management practices with their projects, according to Prosci’s 2013 Change Management Research Study. Prosci’s benchmarking report, Best Practices of Change Management – 2014 Edition, shows that 61 percent of project managers who integrated change management rated the success of their projects as either “Good” or “Excellent,” compared to only 34 percent that did not integrate.

Designed for a project team or a group of project leaders or managers, the new role-based training accelerates that integration by laying the foundation for applying change management to a project team’s current initiatives. Prosci Master Instructors guide participants through a common language and framework for change management, helping project managers drive results. Attendees exit the workshop with access to an online portal of resources and webinars to support long-term implementation of change management practices.

“Prosci has always had role-based training, and one of the biggest contributors to project success is the project team itself, and that’s something that we now can help organizations with—we can train their project team members on how to be more successful, and we can allow our organizations to see the full benefits they were hoping to achieve from a project,” explains Michelle Haggerty, Prosci’s Strategic Director of Training.

Ron Boyle, Program Advisor, adds, “In the end, it will help them realize the greater benefits of their project through identification of when additional resources are needed.”

Learn more about change management and project management integration with the Prosci training workshop by visiting the Delivering Project Results Workshop information page.

The workshop is the latest in several on-site trainings offered by Prosci, including a certification program, coaching program, sponsor program, orientation for employees and train-the-trainer program.

Founded in 1994, Prosci is a world leader in change management products, learning and benchmarking research. More than three-quarters of Fortune 100 companies use Prosci’s tools and methodology, which are based on best practices research with over 3,400 participants. The Prosci Methodology has become one of the most widely used approaches to managing the people side of change in both business and government. More at http://www.prosci.com/.

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