Project Management Zimbabwe member Isaac Chaza to speak at 2nd PMI Africa Conference in Ghana



Reported by Peter Banda in Harare

25 August 2016 – Harare, Zimbabwe – Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ) has announced that Project Management Zimbabwe member Isaac Chaza, PMP has been selected to speak at the August 2016 2nd PMI Africa Conference in Accra, Ghana.

The 2nd Annual Project Management Institute Africa Conference (PMI Africa Conference) will be held  at the prestigious Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra Ghana from 30 August to 1 September 2016, over 20 speakers are expected to deliver high level papers at the event under the them ‘Africa Working, Think Project Management’. Over 2000 delegates from across Africa and beyond are expected to attend the Ghana event.

160825-pmwj50-pmz-chaza-PHOTOFor the first time, Zimbabwe will be represented by Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ) member PMP (Project Management Professional) Engineer Isaac Chaza (pictured right) who will be presenting a paper on how project management can be used to tackle corruption in Africa’s public tendering and macro projects.

According to the event abstract outlined on the conference website, PMI Africa Conference 2016 is expected to propagate issues about Africa’s gateway to economic emancipation and how rapid infrastructural development can be achieved through the discipline of project management practices across all sectors.

The 2nd PMI Project Management Africa Conference looks forward to the assembly of industry leaders, value delivery experts, strategists, innovators, practitioners, government agencies, development partners, civil society, academia, investors, entrepreneurs, and business owners to discuss  how Africa can Achieve  Greater Business Results through Project Management for Africa.

The 2016 Economic Outlook for Businesses and Governments across Africa look brisk and also bleak. Several new and innovative businesses will rise and thrive whilst many other existing ones will suffocate and die in view of the ever rising operational costs, lower oil and commodity prices, unreliable energy supplies, non-value for money project initiatives, rising costs of living, worker agitations, high unemployment rates and political instabilities.

A continent abounding with the richest natural resources yet achieves the least return on its assets. Africa unfortunately lags behind in global competitiveness according to the World Economic Forum, Africa Competitiveness Report 2015.

The African Economic Outlook projects that Africa’s economic growth should strengthen to 4.5% in 2015 and 5% in 2016 close to levels before the 2008/09 global crises.

According to Engineer Chaza, one of the deficiencies of Africa in the planning and implementation of key national infrastructure development projects is high level corruption.  “Various research studies document the negative impact of corruption on the GDP per capita, or put in another way, the strong correlation between Economic performance in terms of GDP/Capita and Corruption Perception Index (CPI). The related retro-causal observation that Economic development reduces corruption is also proffered in the research papers.

A casual observation reveals that the cluster of countries with low corruption perception (recorded as high CPI), high levels of GDP/capita, and high scores in Ease of Doing Business Index (EDBI) is the same cluster reported with high levels of Project Management (PM) certifications and hence high levels of innovation as indicated by the Global Innovation Index (GII). This cluster is mainly in North American and the Western Europe/European Union (WE/EU) blocs. The reverse is observed for every one of the selected metrics/indeces, for the Sub Saharan African (SSA) cluster.

If high levels of Project Management certifications are taken to represent high standards of project governance, can it be concluded that high levels of PM certifications, inter alia, result in high levels of corruption mitigation? If the answer is proven to be significantly ‘yes,’ then it means that PMI Africa needs to advocate for SSA governments to put in place public policy measures which ensure high standards of Project Management governance in their respective countries,” elaborates Engineer Chaza on the abstract of his presentation paper.

With over 20years of managing telecommunications projects, until recently in 2015 when he moved into private project management practice, Engineer Chaza was the General Manager of the Project Management Office (PMO) at listed Zimbabwe’s leading mobile network company, Econet Wirelesss for over 5years.

Project Management Zimbabwe (PMZ – Project Management Institute of Zimbabwe) is Zimbabwe’s largest Association of Project Managers, with a membership base of over 1000. The institute has a mandate of policing the elevation of project management standards nationally through mentorship and membership services programmes.  For information, visit www.pmiz.org.zw or email: [email protected].

Source:  Project Management Zimbabwe