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4 April 2015 – Florida, USA – CRC Press has announced the publication of a new book titled Project Identification: Capturing Great Ideas to Dramatically Improve Your Organization, by Charles A. Tryon, Jr. Published in April 2015, this new book shows how to create a continuous stream of ideas that will result in innovation or improvements, and explains how the Project Identification process integrates into the formal Project Management methodology for initiating, executing, and concluding projects.

150404-pmwj33-project-BOOKAccording to CRC, this book describes a process for turning “great ideas” into actionable proposals. It presents a simple, but powerful set of questions that has proven to deliver a never-ending stream of inspiration to an organization.

Although formal processes for project initiation, execution, and completion may be firmly embedded in an organization’s project life cycle, little is said about project origins. In Project Identification, the author provides a formal process that encourages and enables all employees to participate in the innovation process. The book presents a mechanism for identifying and capturing great ideas and inspired thought as new project proposals. It provides a repeatable process to organize, evaluate, and select candidate projects for initiation.

Charles “Chuck” A. Tryon, Jr. is an American educator, symposium speaker and thought-leader in the fields of knowledge management, project management, and business requirements. He alternates his time between creating new concepts, proving them on live projects, and sharing knowledge in seminars. Chuck’s current focus is on healthcare improvement initiatives at both the national and local levels.

Chuck founded Tryon and Associates in 1986 to provide seminar training and consulting services. The strategies presented in his seminars are used by thousands of professionals in hundreds of organizations across the United States, Europe, and Canada. His client list includes many top 100 companies. In 2012, Chuck authored Managing Organizational Knowledge: Third Generation Knowledge Management and Beyond.

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Source: CRC Press