Project-Driven Technology Strategy – New book by Dr Robert McGrath published by PMI


8 November 2012 – Philadelphia, PA, USA – The Project Management Institute (PMI®) has announced the publication of Project-Driven Technology Strategy, a new book by Dr Robert McGrath.  According to the PMI summary:  Forget what you think you know. In today’s enterprise, technology isn’t about software or hardware. It’s about knowledge and competence. And it’s the key to creating a sustained competitive advantage for your organization. Dr. Robert McGrath’s new book not only redefines technology but reshapes how to approach the age-old challenges of fostering innovation, growing entrepreneurship and creating value.

Described as a combination of “a master class taught by your most thought-provoking professor” and “a troubleshooting session with your most trusted mentor”, this new work uses classic economic theory from luminaries such as Adam Smith and Joseph Schumpeter to force a new perspective on the art and science of strategy and project management.

Written with practicing executives and project managers in mind, readers will discover:

  • How everyone can learn the art of entrepreneurship
  • How to make innovation processes routine
  • How to create, manage and measure sustainable competitive advantage
  • How to ensure that project management is a capability, not a rigidity
  • Why a PKMO (Project Knowledge Management Office) may be a key success factor

While the material is, by its nature, complex, Dr. McGrath uses his decades of teaching experience to make the subject matter surprisingly accessible by distilling the content down into clearly called-out “remember points” and illustrating its key concepts with more than 50 figures, tables and exhibits.

A graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Dr. Robert McGrath is an accomplished author and full-time academic. He holds several Master’s Degrees and completed a PhD in Business Administration at Louisiana State University.  He has worked in project-driven aerospace environments as a logistician, engineer and manager for Texas Instruments, General Electric Aircraft Engines, and the Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Company.

Dr. McGrath’s academic work has focused mainly in the areas of Strategic Management, Project Management, Technology and Innovation Management, Operations Management and Logistics. He has published over 75 scholarly, pedagogical, and practitioner items in the attempt to bridge the gap between the fields that must function together in highly competitive organizations. In 2007 he became certificated as a PMI Project Management Professional (PMP), and now works at home teaching online and consulting as owner of M&A Management Trainers, www.drbobprojects.com.

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Project-Driven Technology Strategy, by Robert McGrath, PhD;, published by PMI in the USA; ©2012, 500 pages, soft cover, ISBN 9781935589570; List price = US$39.95; info at http://marketplace.pmi.org/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?GMProduct=00101350601.

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