Prof Kalle Kähkönen named International Editorial Advisor for PM World Journal in Finland


Well known researcher and academic leader from Tampere University of Technology joins PM World’s Global Advisory Team

26 November 2012 – Dallas, London, Sydney – PM World has announced that Dr. Kalle Kähkönen, professor and researcher at Tampere University of Technology in Finland, has joined the Editorial Advisory Board for the PM World Journal (PMWJ).  The PMWJ is a monthly eJournal devoted to the creation of new knowledge and continuous learning related to program and project management (P/PM).

Dr. Kalle Kähkönen, is Professor of Construction Management and Economics at Tampere University of Technology (www.tut.fi). His former employer was VTT Technical research Centre of Finland (www.vtt.fi). He holds degrees from two universities. Professor Kähkönen’s background and experience are broad. He has carried out and supervised research in numerous areas covering also the implementation of research results in companies. Such combination of several scientific disciples is seen as a specific strength in modern research where top quality results are increasingly achieved in integrative efforts.

Dr. Kähkönen is closely connected to several universities and has key roles in those with respect to academic teaching, course development and research supervising. Professor Kähkönen has acted as pre-examiner or opponent for 17 doctoral dissertations in Finland and abroad. He is also coordinator of a global research society CIB working commission W65 “ Organisation and Management of Construction”. Kalle Kähkönen is also an active member of IPMA: e.g. He is Editor-in-Chief of Project Perspectives periodical and has been chairman of  Project Management Association Finland  (1998-2000).

Presently his research interests cover new dimensions and novel tools of project management and project based business e.g. understanding complexity of projects, visual management tools, management paradigms and new organizational solutions. Dr. Kähkönen can be contacted at [email protected].

Tampere University of Technology (TUT) is Finland’s second largest university in engineering sciences. Located in Hervanta, a suburb of Tampere in Southern Finland, the university was established as a subsidiary of Helsinki University of Technology in 1965.  It became the independent Tampere University of Technology in 1972.  As a part of the Finnish university reform, TUT chose to become one of the two Finnish universities operating as foundations in the beginning of 2010.

The foundation model promotes the development of education and research at TUT and gives the University good prerequisites to succeed amid growing international competition. TUT is able to make further investments in, among others, new research openings and the quality of education and in the development of more versatile internal incentive schemes. The increased autonomy brought on by the foundation brings a competitive edge when competing for good researchers, inspiring teachers and talented students. As a foundation university, TUT is an even more flexible partner in various collaboration projects.

The keys to the University’s success are competent Masters of Science in Technology and Architecture who are in demand by employers, alumni who already have an established career, capable personnel and high-quality collaborative research with industry.

The University educates Masters of Science in Technology and Architecture and Doctors of Technology and Philosophy. There are 10,400 students at TUT, 8,800 of whom are taking an undergraduate degree. There were 1,600 postgraduate students at the University in 2010. TUT coordinates seven national graduate schools and has its own graduate school.  More than 2,000 people work at the University. Over 80 percent are employed in teaching or research tasks or tasks assisting teaching or research.  More information about the Tampere University of Technology can be found at http://www.tut.fi/en/.

According to David Pells, PMWJ Managing Editor, “Prof Kähkönen is widely published and widely respected among the world’s project management academic community.  I have known Kalle for nearly twenty years, meeting him often at international conferences where he has presented the results of serious research.  We are honored to have him join our advisory team.”

“The role of electronic-only publications continues to grow, it’s an important trend in most fields today,” Dr. Kähkönen said.  “The PM World Journal is already well respected, even though it is a non-refereed journal and aimed at practicing professionals rather than academic researchers.  I look forward to contributing.”

The PM World Journal is a global online publication produced by PM World Inc. in the United States, but created by a virtual team of contributors and editors around the world.  Each month, the PMWJ features dozens of articles, papers and news stories about projects and project management in different countries and industries.  PM World is a virtual organization reflecting the 21st century reality of a connected world where individuals and organizations worldwide can collaborate for the creation, sharing and application of new knowledge.  To see the latest edition of the PMWJ, visit www.pmworldjournal.net.