Primavera Portfolio Management 9.1 released by Oracle



New release helps users expedite project portfolio decisions, boost productivity, and improve transparency

20 November 2014 – Redwood Shores, California, USA – Oracle today announced the release of Primavera Portfolio Management 9.1, which features new workflow and governance capabilities that help organizations make more informed and timely decisions about strategic enterprise investments, optimize resource use, and reduce waste.

141120-pmwj29-primavera-LOGOAccording to their news release: When it comes to making critical enterprise investment decisions, the stakes have never been higher. Business leaders must choose carefully from an ever-expanding set of initiatives, and uninformed decisions about which projects to undertake can adversely affect operations, competitiveness, and profitability.

Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management 9.1 features new workflow and governance capabilities as well as expanded browser support to provide increased levels of flexibility, insight, and productivity for project portfolio decision-making. The new release gives organizations additional power to prioritize and optimize their enterprise investment portfolio and reduce wasteful and redundant spending.

Highlights of the new release include:

  • Expanded workflows and early alert triggers bring new levels of automation to project portfolio management, enabling organizations to expedite and improve the precision of strategic investment decisions, boost resource productivity, and increase transparency.
    • Users can conduct searches based on multiple criteria, such as status or start date, and act on the search results—expanding insight into projects and investments and improving governance to optimize investment and resource use.
    • Organizations can enhance understanding of governance processes with new links to multiple workflow features, such as workflow diagrams and instance reports.
    • Managers can address approvals, make decisions more quickly, and avoid project delays thanks to e-mail notifications that now contain links to specific tasks.
  • Expanded support for internet browsers makes it easier for users to access the solution. Primavera Portfolio Management 9.1 supports Microsoft’s Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, 10, and 11.
  • A new planning and control process enables organizations to clarify key strategic enterprise investment objectives by presenting them in measurable ways, propose initiatives that align with strategies and missions, and prioritize and select investments with strong business cases to justify action.
  • Enhancements also enable proactive portfolio management with the ability to track activities, review portfolio performance in real time, compare past data to identify gaps and potential problems, and adjust course—increasing, decreasing, or withdrawing investment funding where appropriate.

“Every organization faces critical enterprise investment decisions—no company would function or grow without them,” said Mike Sicilia senior vice president and general manager, Oracle Primavera Global Business Unit. “Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management 9.1 provides organizations with a seamless decision-making process through its unmatched configurability and flexibility, enabling organizations, in both the private and public sectors, to deliver measurable results through an easy-to-use solution. It helps organizations keep a laser focus on where they need to invest while remaining open to alternative opportunities that might accelerate those initiatives, reduce their cost, and optimize resource use enterprisewide.”

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