The Power of Project Management Leadership by Laszlo Retfalvi published in Canada


New book emphasizes the critical need for project management leadership to drive today’s aggressive and complex projects

8 April 2014 – Ottawa, Canada – CreateSpace Publishing (CS Publishing) has released a new book by Laszlo A. Retfalvi, The Power of Project Management Leadership: Your Guide on How to Achieve Outstanding Results.

140408-pmwj22-retfalvi-IMAGEThere has been a proliferation in the number of project management how-to books published—most of them valuable, detailed guides that help project managers better plan and execute projects. This book is different, however, and well overdue. It is about the Project Manager as an individual.

This book focuses on the important elements of management and leadership and on the careful balance between them in a project management environment. Much more importantly and uniquely, this book is a guide for achieving excellence as a Project Manager

Perfect for all levels of project management practitioners, The Power of Project Management Leadership lays out critical groundwork for creating successful and outstanding Project Managers. Based on extensive and practical industry experience, the Project Management Leadership Model© is used as a framework and guide to better understand and develop the critical skills needed to achieve this highly sought-after level of project manager performance.

The model emphasizes four areas that are crucial to becoming an outstanding Project Manager: project management expertise, core leadership skills, a risk-smart attitude, and accountability-based behaviour. Project Managers cannot simply ignore, skip, or work around any of these areas, and the model describes important attributes PMs require for each area.

The book also includes a very important assessment aspect, allowing readers to assess their skills using the model and determine areas that may need improvement.

Written in an easy-to-understand, concise, non-technical manner, it is a valuable addition to any Project Manager’s library. For more information on the book, the author or how to purchase, visit www.pm-leadership.com.

Laszlo A. Retfalvi, P.Eng. PMP PMI-RMP is Principal of Retfalvi and Associates based in Ottawa, Canada. Laszlo is also an Instructor at the University of California Irvine Extension.  Laszlo is past Vice-President of the Program and Risk Management Office (PRMO) at Allen Vanguard Corporation. Previously, Laszlo was with General Dynamics Canada, the Irving Group of Companies and SED Systems.  A leader focused on accountability, leadership, and business success, Laszlo is also a recipient of the 2013 UCI Extension Distinguished Instructor Award.