PMWJ Editor David Pells interviewed by PMI Turkey



PMI Fellow answers questions about future trends, soft skills, PM World Journal and project management in Turkey

Reported by İpek Sahra Özgüler in Istanbul

20 February 2015 – Istanbul, Turkey – The PMI Turkey Chapter (PMI TR) has published an interview with PM World Journal editor David Pells in their February 2015 chapter newsletter. In the interview, David responds to questions about major trends in the project management field and provides advice to project management professionals. To read the full interview, access the PMI TR newsletter here.

The interview begins with introductory comments by Mr. Pells: “Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. I have had four occasions in the past to visit Turkey. In 1994, I returned to the USA from a business trip to Russia via Sochi and Istanbul. I had an opportunity to spend a few days in Istanbul at that time, acting as a tourist and visiting some of the most famous sites, meeting my friend Ahmet Taspinar for lunch and a walk along the Bosporus, and falling in love with the city.

150220-pmwj32-pells-PHOTOI returned three more times over the years to speak at conferences, the most recent during the IPMA World Congress in Istanbul in 2010. At right is a photo from the Asian side of Istanbul taken during my visit in April 2010, during which I spoke at the DYNAMICS 2010 conference along with another PMI Fellow Russell Archibald.

Having a little knowledge about and a lot of interest in Istanbul and Turkey, I have followed economic, political and professional developments there over the years. Based on Turkey’s location, size, history, economic trends and other factors, I expect Turkey to be one of the most influential countries in the world during the 21st Century. Now to your questions.”

The PMI TR newsletter includes a full range of articles and stories about project management in Turkey, including the PMI TR volunteer management team. The full URL for the PMI TR newsletter is http://pmi.org.tr/c7/images/e-dergi/subat2015/PDF/PMI-Turkiye-E-Dergi-15-02.pdf

The interview was conducted by Petek Kabakci, PMI TR Communications Director, via email in early February.

The PMI Turkey Chapter (PMI TR) is a component of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), the world’s largest member-based project management professional organization. PMI TR represents PMI in Turkey, sponsors activities and events in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir (and other Turkish cities), and offers educational and professional development resources to project management professionals in Turkey. For more information, go to http://www.pmi.org.tr/c7/