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More participants needed for short survey on Project Success Factors

31 January 2018 – Madrid, Spain – Alfonso Bucero, PMI Fellow and well-known European professional leader, has been conducting research on project success since June 2017.  He needs a few more participants and more data.  Project managers worldwide are therefore again invited to help with this research related to project success factors.  The research is in support of a PhD thesis at MONDRAGON University.

The target audience for the research includes project managers, managers of project managers, project sponsors and functional managers, associated with various project types and sizes in all industries worldwide.  Participants are asked to complete a simple survey, which should only take a few minutes.  Link to survey here

Participants will receive a copy of the research results.


Project success has been and still is a researched subject in literature. It is obvious that some projects are successful and other projects unexpectedly fail. When organizations are initiating and managing projects they are looking for project and organizational success, but even when extensive research has been done in the field of project management, organizations have invested a huge amount of money educating their professionals in project management, and professional project management practices have been implemented over last decade, a number of projects are still failing.

On the other hand, professionals and organizations can learn from failure, gaining better understanding and knowledge that may contribute to the success of future projects. Every organization is different and has a different environment but in this research the author wants to demonstrate that there are several factors that contribute most to project success.  After reading and reviewing project management literature, no general consensus has been reached on the factors that contribute to project success. This research will explore what are the right factors to create a better environment for project success.

Research Aims

The objectives of this research are:

  • To identify most common project success factors
  • To determine what factors contribute most to project success

For information about Mondragon University, visit http://www.mondragon.edu/en

For more information about the research, contact [email protected]

Editor’s note: Alfonso Bucero is an international advisor and correspondent for, and a frequent contributor to, the PM World Journal.  View his background summary and original works at https://pmworldlibrary.net/authors/alfonso-bucero/.  Please take a few minutes to complete his survey.