PM World Journal now available in Afrikaans


28 November 2012 – The PM World Journal can now be read in the Afrikaans language by project managers and professionals in South Africa.  Afrikaans is one of 58 languages for which an automated translator is now included on the www.pmworldjournal.net website.

According to Managing Editor David Pells (pictured at right in Crete on 30 October 2012), “The language translator was one of the most popular features that we demonstrated at the IPMA World Congress in Crete in October.  We showed the website translated into Afrikaans to two attendees from Pretoria and they were amazed, even shocked.  I’m not sure how good the translation was, but they seemed impressed – and pleased.”

“The translator application is pretty robust for most languages,” Pells adds.  “Some translations are better than others though.  We were told that in one language, we are the PM Bird Journal – not good!  And be sure that you can read the language you select or you might not find your way back to English very easily.  That was my biggest problem in Crete.”

The language translator can be found in the upper left of the website, just above the banner.  Just click on the button beside the words “Select Language”.   The language translator is intended to help more people around the world read the articles, papers and news stories featured on the PMWJ website.  If anyone has useful feedback on this feature, please contact [email protected].

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