PM World Journal available in Spanish and 50 other languages


23 December 2012 – The PM World Journal can now be read in the Spanish language by project managers and professionals worldwide.  Spanish is one of 58 languages for which an automated translator application is included on the www.pmworldjournal.net website.

david pellsAccording to Managing Editor David Pells (pictured at right), “We have a lot of contributors and readers in Spain and throughout Latin America, so Spanish is one of the main languages we wanted to accommodate.  The language translator seems to work pretty well, but we would be interested in hearing from Spanish-speakers as to how good the translation of specific articles actually is.”

“Our first language is English,” Pells adds.  “However, we welcome articles and papers in multiple languages.  We will actually publish dual versions of some articles.  If the translator works ok though, that might not be necessary in the future.”

The language translator can be found in the upper left of the website, just above the banner.  Just click on the button beside the words “Select Language”.   The language translator is intended to help more people around the world read the articles, papers and news stories featured on the PMWJ website.  If anyone has useful feedback on this feature, please contact [email protected].

The PM World Journal (PMWJ) is a global online publication produced by PM World in the United States, but created by a virtual team of contributors and editors around the world.  Each month, the PMWJ features dozens of articles, papers and stories about projects and project management in different countries and industries.  To see the latest edition or to subscribe, visit www.pmworldjournal.net.