Performance Acceleration Management (PAM) – New Book Now Available from CRC Press


30 June 2013 – CRC Press has announced the publication of a new book titled Performance Acceleration Management (PAM), by H. James Harrington. Published in March through Productivity Press, this new book introduces the performance acceleration management (PAM) approach to accelerated performance improvement.

performance-acceleration-managementAccording to the CRC release: Organizations around the world are rating their improvement efforts as not producing the desired long-term results. Dr. Harrington’s research indicates that this occurs because organizations are using the latest improvement tools and approaches without first defining how they want to change their organization’s culture, environment, and key performance drivers.

Organizations must first define what controllable factors drive business results. They then must define how they want to change these key performance drivers and behavioral patterns. Only then can they select a customized set of tools and approaches that will bring about the desired transformation.

The first book in the Little Big Book Series, Performance Acceleration Management (PAM): Rapid Improvement to Your Key Performance Drivers, explains how to accelerate the rate of change and improvement in your organization to exceed your customers’ expectations. It introduces the PAM approach to accelerated performance improvement and explains how to use it to bring about significant change to your organization’s long-term performance. Supplying answers to commonly asked questions, the book provides you with the understanding to:

Conduct an improvement requirements assessment

Define key drivers and develop vision statements for each

Define desired behavioral patterns and performance goals

Develop individual key performance driver (KPD) transformation plans

Develop and implement a five-year combined PAM plan

Obtain approval from the executive team

Delving into more than 50 years of experience helping organizations implement improvement approaches, H. James Harrington highlights key opportunities to add value to your organization. With over 1,400 different improvement tools available today, this book provides a set of tools to define how you want to change your organization’s key performance drivers and then develop a customized accelerated approach to achieve the desired transformation.

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Performance Acceleration Management (PAM); by H. James Harrington; published by CRC Press, © March 2013, 220 pages, soft cover, ISBN 9781466572577; List price = $29.95; For more information, go to http://www.crcpress.com/product/isbn/9781466572577

Source: CRC Press