Partnership of Risk Policy and Complex Project Management Announced


12 May 2013 – Canberra, Australia – The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) has announced the signing of a global alliance with the Australian Risk Policy Institute (ARPI) in Canberra, bringing together two peak bodies with key roles in Risk and Project Management.

ARPI President Associate Professor Tony Charge said in jointly announcing the Alliance that Risk Policy is a new Decision-Making approach which can be directly applied to major and complex projects in all areas of society around the world. ‘Risk Policy will build increased Resilience, Performance, Governance and Sustainability into Project Management through new Risk thinking, approaches and frameworks.’

140512-pmwj23-arpi-IMAGEICCPM Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director Stephen Hayes MBE welcomed the connection with ARPI and Risk Policy thinking saying ‘The Alliance will provide all those involved in major and complex projects with new approaches to identify and protect project vulnerabilities and identify improvement opportunities at an early stage and before the standard approach of risk management is brought into play.’

Photo: ICCPM Managing Director Stephen Hayes on left with ARPI President Tony Charge. Photo courtesy of ICCPM

‘It is expected to assist major and complex projects to be completed on time and within budget and without overlooking foreseeable events which can delay and increase project costs’ Stephen Hayes added.

‘And when risks are identified, it will provide project managers with new approaches to handle complex Systemic Risks which involve multiple stakeholders and formal collaboration’ Stephen Hayes continued ‘ARPI and ICCPM will co-operate on a range of policy, educational and research projects to deliver Risk Policy to the global Complex Project Management profession.

‘ARPI’s involvement with ICCPM in planned research activities such as the proposed Cooperative Research Centre for Managing Complex Project and Programs will help ensure the focus of any proposed Risk Policy research is targeted at developing practical outcomes in support of government and industry’ Stephen Hayes concluded.

The Alliance also forms a new global professional network joining together the existing global networks on Risk Policy and Complex Project Management.

The International Centre for Complex Project Management (ICCPM) is a not-for-profit organisation working to advance knowledge and practice in the management and delivery of complex projects. ICCPM was formed in 2007 based on an initiative launched in 2005 by Australian, UK and US Government bodies and defence industry organizations aimed at improving the international community’s ability to successfully deliver very complex projects and to manage complexity across all industry and government sectors.  ICCPM was formed to provide global leadership to achieve this exciting objective.  ICCPM works with partners and the international community to fund, facilitate and conduct applied research that advances knowledge and practice in the management of complex projects.  For more information about ICCPM, visit www.iccpm.com.

Source: ICCPM