Participate in Project Management Research Surveys from South Africa



15 October 2014 – Johannesburg, South Africa – Project Management South Africa (PMSA) has announced several research projects underway by students, academic researchers and industry in South Africa.

141015-pmwj29-research-PMSAAccording to the PMSA notice: A number of researchers have requested the participation of PMSA members in their research projects. This is your opportunity to contribute to the local body of knowledge, share your experiences and greatly assist these all-too-rare researchers who have an interest in uncovering new knowledge in our industry. Please take the time to complete those surveys that are relevant to your area of practice. Each survey should take less than 20 minutes to complete.

1. Research Theme: Project Manager Competencies

Purpose: The aim of the project is to determine the level of competencies of South African project managers. This is irrespective of the industry or organisation. This forms part of the larger research that is undertaken by the Department of Applied Information Systems at the University of Johannesburg. This research will form part of the Prosperus family of research.  This is an anonymous survey. We are not attempting to uncover your identity, the identity of your organisation or examine the responses on an individual basis. The results of the project will be published, but you may be assured that any information obtained in connection with this study that may identify you will remain confidential and will not be disclosed.

To ensure confidentiality, data is being stored electronically in a database on a secured server and access is restricted to the researchers. Printed questionnaires will be stored in a locked storage room for a period of five years after which the questionnaires will be destroyed.  If at any stage you have any queries or concerns regarding your participation in the study, please feel free to contact me directly. Click to complete this survey

2. Research Theme: Social Media for Project Communication

From a review of the literature on social media tools usage and knowledge sharing and re-use using collaborative tools, it is suggested that there is a failure to reuse the knowledge from past projects. Additional studies confirm that the most neglected task of project members is to develop and maintain effective communication with all stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of the project. This study provides insight into the interaction effect of communication and collaboration tools in the relationship between knowledge management and project success in the South African ICT sector. On the basis of the research findings, recommendations will be made to understand social media practice in large, high risk project environments in South Africa. Click to complete this survey.

3. Research Theme: Personal Values – Industry Institution: Davis and Dean

Purpose: You are invited to complete an online self-assessment to determine your top three personal values. The aim is to establish the core values associated with project managers. All participating parties will make a contribution to this research. This is Davis & Dean’s contribution to the science of leadership. During the research period this is made available at no charge without any obligation.  For interested parties who want to take this further and extend it to their project teams, Davis and Dean will be willing to issue vouchers to determine their team profile.  For the Value Assessment follow this link. Contact the researcher at [email protected]

Project Management South Africa (PMSA) is a Section 21 (not-for-gain) professional association representing the interests of project, programme and portfolio management practitioners in South Africa. PMSA has a membership of over 1 500 project management practitioners at various career stages and has existed as an autonomous representative body for 15 years. PMSA sponsors regional and national conferences and other events on a regular basis. For more information, visit http://www.projectmanagement.org.za/ or contact [email protected].