Outsourcing of Project Management



New book by Dr. Gerhard Ortner on project management outsourcing published in German

22 January 2015 – Washington, DC, USA – An important new project management book has been published in Europe, initially in the German language only, by Dr. Gerhard Ortner. Dr. Ortner is professor in the bachelor’s program “Project Management and Information Technology” and the master’s program “Project Management and Organization” at the University of Applied Sciences bfi in Vienna, Austria. The book, Projektmanagement-Outsourcing: Chancen und Grenzen erkennen, was just published by SpringerGabler.

150122-pmwj31-ortner-BOOKThe preface to the book is by Rüdiger Geist, PfMP, PMP, IPMA Level B, who is an occasional author and correspondent for the PM World Journal in Switzerland.

According to the book’s publicity: Competitiveness, customer satisfaction and access to better knowledge and technology are driving factors for organizations to partially outsource their processes. Especially big organizations more and more are tending to also outsource parts of their project management activities. However some project management staff are skeptical. Hence it has to be clarified, to which extent is such an approach useful and which aspects of project management are outsourceable at all.

This book in German presents the outcomes of surveys and interviews with experts, who tried to strategically outsource project management activities. It also includes the results from the 2012 IPMA-Expert Seminar on that topic.

In his book Gerhard examines the necessary frame conditions and prerequisites for a successful outsourcing. All single project management processes are examined in terms of outsourcing feasibility and sense. A short guideline at the end of the book helps organizations in analyzing and implementation of project management outsourcing schemes.

An English version with more insights is planned for 2015.

Projektmanagement-Outsourcing, by Gerhard Oortner, Ph.D. with preface by Rüdiger Geist; published by SpringerGabler; (c) 2015; softcover, 89 pages; List Price:   € 29.99; ISBN: 978-3662450086

More information about the book can be found at: http://www.springer.com/springer+gabler/management/organisation/book/978-3-662-45008-6