Not too late! Attend 4th International Scientific Conference on Project Management in the Baltic States



Reported by Emils Pulmanis in Riga

8 April 2015 – Riga, Latvia – The 4th International Scientific Conference on Project Management in the Baltic States will be held in Riga, Latvia during 16-17 April 2015. Under the theme “Project Management Development – Practice and Perspectives”, the conference will be held at the University of Latvia. It’s not too late to register; if you live anywhere in northern Europe, you should attend this important project management conference in Riga. More information can be found at http://www.balticpmconference.eu/.


The aim of the conference is to discuss results of scientific research in project management issues, to establish new contacts and networking between professionals involved in project management as well as enhance the capacity of project managers. Official conference language is English.

To see the final conference programme, click here.

This is the fourth year in a row that the Economics and Management Faculty of the University of Latvia together with the Professional Association of Project managers organize an international conference on project management, gathering professionals from a number of countries. In 2014 sixteen countries were represented (Latvia, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Russia, Island, Hungary, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Poland, Australia, Chez Republic, Norway, Palestine, Finland, Netherlands, Turkey and other), and this year several others have joined in. The conference aims to host a vast exchange of ideas, thoughts, and experience in the benefits of applying project management to resolving practical problems.

Project management has been developing rapidly over the last 30 years and became an important factor in business success. It opens new opportunities for businesses to increase their competitiveness in the market. Project management methods improve project transparency – cash flow tracking, project risk assessment, and risk prevention planning, project stakeholder analysis, project implementation planning and supervision.

This is a particularly important aspect for Latvia, since the coming years will bring many large-scale projects both in railway reconstruction and big construction objects, such as the new concert hall, as well as various sizeable event organization.

Project management is currently one of the most topical forms of task organization. The necessity for its application is dictated by several factors. The most important among them are the ever increasing complexity of products and services, and market competition. The complexity of products and services causes higher requirements for interdisciplinary knowledge, and the growing competition in markets forces businesses to make better use of their resources, become better and quicker than their competitors, and make swifter changes in their organizations, pursuing their clients’ interests. In such conditions, project management opens new opportunities for businesses.

The Professional Project Managers Association (PVPA) together with the University of Latvia are organizing already the fourth international conference on project management, giving practical and theoretical specialists from various countries the opportunity to exchange their opinions on practical and theoretical aspects of project management. Such exchange of knowledge and opinions enables us to develop project management as a professional activity not only within an individual country, but on an international level as well.

The conference programme will include opening plenary session, parallel sessions and concluding plenary session. Scientific papers presented at the conference will be published in the conference proceedings and on the conference website. All abstracts before the conference will be double blind reviewed and materials included in the conference proceedings are double blind reviewed. If you live in Northern Europe and have an interest in advancing professional project management or learning about the latest in project management applications and ideas, don’t miss this major regional conference. To see the final conference programme, click here.

This conference is organized by the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Latvia, in cooperation with the Professional Association of Project Managers and the Baltic Controlling Institute. The conference website is http://www.evf.lu.lv/pmconf2013/

For more information, visit the conference website or contact conference coordinators at [email protected] or [email protected]