Nitish Mohan



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Nitish Mohan

PGPB 04, MISB Bocconi
Mumbai, India.



Nitish Mohan
is a currently pursuing his Post Graduate degree in Business(PGPB) at Mumbai International School of Business Bocconi in Mumbai, India.  Nitish holds a Bachelor’s degree in Technology and has completed 4 years of engineering studies in Computer Science. Nitish has 2 years of working experience as a Software Tester in Aon Hewitt, Noida, India. During those 2 years of professional experience Nitish held the titles of Calc Automation Specialist and Senior Calc Automation Specialist.

Major Field of Study in Masters: Marketing

Research interests: Marketing, Strategy, Project Management

PM World Internship Focus: PM World Library News, Profession, Books, Etc.

Nitish may be contacted at: [email protected]

Start Date: February 2016


Research Results

161009 – Mohan – TULS Corp Project Management Company

161001 – Mohan – PMC Projects (India) Pvt Ltd – Project Management Company

160929 – Mohan – nTirePMS Project Management Software by Sunsmart

160927 – Mohan – Knight Frank – Project Management Services Company

160925 – Mohan – EMPCR – An Engineering Project Management Consultancy and Research Company

160922 – Mohan – A N Prakash – A Construction Project Management Company

160722 – Mohan – ISS Project Management Company

160716 – Mohan – Masters Construction Project Management Company

160610 – Mohan – Celoxis Project Management Platform

160415 – Mohan – SGS Group – A Construction Project Management and Project Risk Management Company

160408 – Mohan – Fluor India – A World Leading Project Management Company

160330 – Mohan – Product Dossier Touch Base-PPM.docx

160328 – Mohan – AVRUT Project Management and Schedule Management Platform

160324 – Mohan – Adapt-India Project management System