New series of articles by IPMA Education and Training Board featured in PM World Journal


New series launched with introductory article by Prof John-Paris Pantouvakis in April Edition

22 April 2013 – Dallas, London, Sydney – PM World has announced a new series of articles by members of the International Project Management Association (IPMA) Education and Training (E&T) Board. The first article in the series by Prof John-Paris Pantouvakis, chair of the IPMA E&T Board, is titled “Introducing the IPMA Education & Training Board’s New Monthly Series for the PM World Journal: Rationale, Motivation & Invitation to Contribute!”  The article can be read in the April PMWJ at https://pmworldjournal.net/article/introducing-the-ipma-education-training-boards-new-monthly-series-for-the-pm-world-journal/.

According to the introductory article by Prof Pantouvakis (pictured at right), “Education and training are quite important both for young and seasoned Project Managers as they may contribute significantly to furthering their career prospects. Rookies are looking for basic knowledge and materials to assist in their essential skills development. Seasoned Project Managers are seeking more advanced knowledge and solutions to complex real-world situations. In between the above categories are students, managers, top executives, government officials, educators, trainers, functional managers of line organizations, project, program and portfolio professionals, consultants and, of course, their respective organizations.”

“The newly formed IPMA E&T Board for the period 2013-14 welcomed the challenge to cooperate on a regular basis with PM World Journal and coordinate such an effort,” added John-Paris. “We are also keen to cooperate with other organizations with which we share interests and with whom we may be able to jointly contribute in the area.”

The inaugural article explains the structuring of IPMA education and training courses, IPMA competence baseline (and ‘eye of competence’), IPMA periodic table of competency elements, make up and role of the IPMA E&T Board, and how individuals can get more involved.  The IPMA E&T Board reports to the IPMA Executive Board through Dr. Jesus Martinez Almela, Vice President E&T and YC. Feedback, comments and questions from this first article are welcomed. Future articles will be authored by other members of the IPMA E&T Board who are located in a range of different countries.

David Pells, PMWJ managing editor, stated, “We offer the PM World Journal and new PM World Library as resources for continuous learning. This new series of articles support our mission of promoting project management learning and knowledge sharing. We are honored that this important IPMA team has offered to author a series of articles for our journal on these topics.”

The IPMA Education and Training Board (IPMA E&T Board) addresses the complex relationships between education, training and employment in professional project management. Although the IPMA E&T Board does not directly offer training courses, it assists in the development of educational resources (such as books, curricula, multimedia resources), runs the IPMA Registration system allowing the mapping between a training program/course and ICB/NCB, and coordinates such projects as Training Aid Program to promote project management in countries with no IPMA presence, Recommended Literature and IPMA Advanced Courses.  More information can be found at http://ipma.ch/education

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