New Book: Project Management, Denial and The Death Zone



New book from J. Ross Publishers showcases project management lessons learned from Everest and Antarctica

5 October 2015 – J. Ross Publishing in the United States has announced the publication of a new book by Grant Avery titled “Project Management, Denial, and The Death Zone: Lessons from Everest and Antactica.” The book explains the epidemic of project failure, risk homeostasis, the principle of outcome maximizing, and the emerging concept of risk appetite, including the importance of its application to project management and how to apply it. The author discusses the extreme risks that complexity can create in projects and how to reduce them, as well as advice on and how to achieve project management maturity.

151005-pmwj39-project-BOOK IMAGEAccording to the book’s announcement: Today, less than a third of projects deliver their specified business benefits on time and within budget. Nearly 20% of all projects fail outright, and under-delivery of benefits on the average project is as high as 50%. Acutely aware of this and without understanding the root causes of the problem, organizations are busy advancing capabilities and investing in methodologies and processes that increase complexity, but just deliver more failure.

Using examples and lessons learned from high-risk environments where the price of project failure is death, this innovative and captivating guide provides powerful insights into the root causes of project failure and how to manage them. The author examines the failures and achievements of the Antarctic explorers Scott and Shackleton, Mount Everest expedition leader John Hunt, and modern-day Everest climbers. He expertly connects these to the high-risk world of modern day project and program management.

Written from a base of in-depth project management knowledge and experience, this reference book for business leaders, portfolio owners, project and program managers, business analysts, and risk managers explores the drivers of risk in projects and the relationship between our ambitions and our abilities. It provides pragmatic real-world solutions to this constancy of project failure that readers can apply directly to their organization.

Grant Avery, PMP is a leading expert and international speaker on the subject of risk, quality assurance, business cases, and capability maturity models in project and program management. Mr. Avery has reviewed or overseen the quality, risk and success assurance of over $20 billion of high-risk projects and programs in New Zealand and Australian public and private sectors, including over 100 ICT-enabled business change projects. He is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and a Certified Registered Consultant in Project and Program Management and P3M3 capability maturity assessments, with an MBA of Distinction from Victoria University, New Zealand.

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