New book on Effective Complex Project Management published by J. Russ Publishing



New book by Robert Wysocki provides framework for classifying and managing complex projects

1 November 2014 – J. Ross Publishing in the U.S. has announced the publication of Effective Complex Project Management: An Adaptive Agile Framework for Delivering Business Value, by Robert K. Wysocki, PhD. Among other things, the book defines a four-quadrant project landscape in order to classify project types; classifies the linear, incremental, iterative, adaptive, and extreme project management model types into appropriate project quadrants; and presents an incremental implementation model for defining and transitioning to an effective complex project management environment.

141101-pmwj29-wysocki-BOOK COVERAccording to the publisher’s notice: With technology continuing to invade the business world and the convergence of complexity, uncertainty, and constant change, a whole new class of projects has emerged for which traditional project management models such as Waterfall are totally insufficient. These are called complex projects. Extreme Project Management models and a variety of Agile Project Management models such as Scrum, Rational Unified Process, Feature-Driven Development, and Dynamic Systems Development Method have emerged, but project failure rates have not been measurably reduced.

Effective Complex Project Management offers a proven solution to managing any project that must succeed in the face of organizational complexity and market uncertainty, in the form of an adaptive complex project framework. Developed, refined, and validated through 20+ years of client experiences and feedback from project management thought leaders, this framework and robust methodology has demonstrated a favorable impact on project and program management success rates.

Robert K. Wysocki, PhD, has over 45 years combined experience as a project manager, business analyst, information systems manager and business process expert, consultant and training developer and provider. This thought leader and best-selling author has written 24 books on project management and information systems management. His books have been widely adopted by executives, practicing program and project managers, business analysts and consultants, as well as by more than 350 colleges and universities worldwide.  Dr. Wysocki has trained more than 10,000 senior project managers and he is a sought-after speaker.

In 1990 he founded Enterprise Information Insights, Inc. (EII), a project management consulting and training practice specializing in advanced and innovative project management methodology design and integration, business process design, project support office establishment and the development of training curriculum. His client list includes AT&T, Aetna, BMW, Eli Lilly, IBM, Novartis, Ohio State University, Sapient Corporation, The Limited, The State of Ohio, Wal-Mart, Wells Fargo, ZTE, and several others.

More about this book can be found here.

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